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Chapter 239 - The influence of wrong education on the brain.

239,1. (The Lord:) “To understand all this better and more tangibly, we will consider the development process for this brain to My left with the greatest attention!

239,2. Until now it is completely unchanged in appearance as it was already spoiled in its mother’s womb before it was born into this world. However, we soon will see what attitude and even what colour it will take on when the child at the age of about five years receives the first elements of inappropriate upbringing in that its memory has begun to be overloaded by all kinds of memory exercises and becomes very confused.

239,3. Look at it carefully. I wish the first worldly concepts to be imprinted into the brain! Pay close attention now and you will easily see how the obelisks on one or other of the apparently quite aimless little brain pyramids clumsily and sluggishly begin to smear the brain receptors with a very dark substance and produce a very sketchy image!

239,4. The first picture is little more than a senseless smear, because the soul of a child of this age can not understand the subject matter. It must be explained or shown to the child a hundred times before it will at last remember it, but only as a very shadowy image.

239,5. The reason lies firstly in the immaturity of the various, still reasonably well-arranged little pyramid-shaped brain receptors. The writing tools (obelisks) mounted in front of them are themselves too weak and unpractised and are forcibly compelled to make their drawings without the necessary input from the soul and without being primed with the correct lymphatic substance. All of this takes place on the little receptors which are still rough and badly prepared and nowhere nearly ready to be imprinted. The images constantly trickle away again and must often be reinstated a hundred times by the thoroughly abused obelisks, until finally the image, still very weak, will cling to the immature receptor.

239,6. What profit does the soul then derive from this image which is just a shadow? It can only vaguely see the extreme outline. There is no possibility of deeper understanding of the matter by inspecting this image! Who could use a man’s silhouette to work out his character? With much compulsion, the useful little receptors are mainly coated with black sludge and God’s teachings are wedged into the brain with the multiplication tables. The education of the mind only takes place in the intervals between the tussles to achieve understanding.

239,7. Only after the tortured young man has completed the so called ‘occupational’ cramming of his mind (his studies) and he has found work, his heart becomes a little more relaxed; he searches for a young girl to love and takes her for his wife. The short period when he is truly in love is the best time for the young man as while it lasts the youth’ mind is excited although in a somewhat subdued way. This permits a little light to enter his brain assisting him to understand a little more practically what he had trouble in learning over the years. As a result he also becomes a rather more useful individual for a position in this world.

239,8. However people whose minds are not aroused by even a love like this, remain as very self-centred and stoic pedants, who can not later raise themselves even by a hair’s breadth above their stereotypically polluted little brain receptors and wallow around in the shadowy images in their brain which are few in number, while what remains is gloomy, black and quite impossible for the soul’s insight to visualise.

239,9. The soul of such a stoic is therefore as good as blind. Just as anyone with even the sharpest eyes is completely blind in pitch-black night and can only feel his way forward in an emergency, the soul of a really self-centred person can not see anything which is inscribed on the little brain receptors, as the upbringing of the brain has been totally unsuitable and it is only by repeatedly impregnating the brain receptors that a stereotype artificial image is stuck to them and, furthermore, as there is no greater activity in the mind, no permanent light can rise up in the brain, the soul is forced to search the dark stereotypes of its receptor images using touch alone.

239,10. However, as this rumbled soul can only obtain knowledge by using touch to search its inscribed brain receptors, it is quite understandable why all the activities which it undertakes will seem so deliberately pedantic and stereotypical and why the soul only accepts things that are very coarse and materialistic which it can touch and grasp with its hands. Finally this soul regards even what it can see with its eyes in the outer world as an optical illusion and what it hears as a lie. Only something that it can touch on all sides with its hands will it consider a real truth. The state of wisdom and the higher spiritual culture of this soul can easily be deduced by any of you taking into account the details I have given to you and adequately explained.

239,11. Look once more at the brain on the left! Right now it presents the dark chamber of wisdom of a stereotypically worldly wise person, and you, My friend Cyrenius, with your very sharp eyes, shall describe everything you can see in it!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-239 Chapter