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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-24 Chapter

Chapter 24 - The cultivation of the human heart.

24,1. (Raphael:) “You know, my dearest Jarah, that when the Lord was staying in Genezareth, He Himself taught you all kinds of gardening knowledge! He taught you to recognise all kinds of useful plants, showed you how they should be cared for and how to use them. He laid out a little garden for you and planted it with all kind of useful plants and gave you information about each one in particular what shape it will have, how it grows, when and how it will blossom, what fruit it will bear and what it is good for, how one can enjoy them and how a rich harvest can be stored so that it does not rot. In summary, the Lord Himself gave you the necessary lessons for maintaining your garden.

24,2. Now, the garden brought you very great happiness! Would the joy on its own already be sufficient?! Would the little garden have brought you any fruit of its blessings without real hard work?! Because of your great pleasure and because of your pleasure in the teaching from the mouth of the Lord, nothing would have grown in your little garden - except some weeds! Since you diligently used your hands in it according to the lessons, your little garden soon blossomed into a little earthly paradise, and you can look forward with confidence to a rich harvest from your garden!

24,3. Look at the comparison! In the same way the heart of a man is a little garden. If it is diligently worked on according to the teaching received from the mouth of the Lord and the carer does not shy away from trouble and turns all the lessons heard into deeds, the result will be that one will very quickly possess sufficient blessings and enough grace from the heavens in one’s own heart, to enable one to be able to live in the end using one’s own resources to sustain the soul and the spirit without constantly requiring our advice and assistance!

24,4. Since this is what the Lord wants to achieve with man, namely that he should become a completely independent citizen of the heavens according to God’s eternally inflexible order. He who has achieved this, has in fact already achieved everything. - Did you, dearest Jarah, understand all this sufficiently well? Are you now a little more familiar with the sound which I sang to you in its extreme purity?”

24,5. Said Jarah: “Oh, it is now complete and as clear and pure as the sun in the middle of a bright, cloudless day! Your words gave my heart a great consolation, and I will also bring them fully into action, so that they will be for me the most joyful and blissful truths in my life. To teach me and to see that your teaching is fully transformed into practical actions, should not be the most difficult task in life for you! But will all the other people also do the things you have so loyally and truthfully advised me to do?”

24,6. Said Raphael: “In the first instance, just worry only about yourself, the Lord will take care of the others!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-24 Chapter