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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-240 Chapter

Chapter 240 - The brain of a world-wise person.

240,1. Cyrenius says: “Lord, both the frontal and occipital lobes have cortices which are dark gray in appearance. Deeper within the brain, despite the sunlight which is shining on it, everything is black and dark and the glimmering intermediate greyish-white spots reveal absolutely nothing. That is already the end of my description of what I can see. Permit me one question, My Lord, which is: In a disturbed brain like this, what will become of the multiplicity of brain shapes which do not have a pyramid-like structure?”

240,2. I say: “They have no value; they are truly like a desert in the brain and only generate in the soul the unfortunate feeling of an unending lack of knowledge and cognition. If you wished to begin to speak to this soul about higher, supernatural matters and relationships, you will soon be asked to desist as if the soul is required to think about these things more deeply it will apparently go out of its mind. You can not therefore speak to these people, because they have no possible insight or understanding for any of this and you can now see the true reason for this. Even quite natural, physical things they can only understand with difficulty or not at all - far less, any spiritual or heavenly topics.

240,3. Take the example of an ox which also has a mouth and in it a quite sizeable tongue and teeth as well as a voice. The result should be that the ox should also be able to learn to speak. However, just try it and see if you can, within twenty years, bring an ox to the point where he is able to only pronounce a single monosyllabic word! Despite this, I say to you, that it would be more possible to teach an ox to talk than to instruct someone with a deranged brain about extrasensory matters! If you start talking about something which is too far above the limited horizon of his knowledge, he will laugh at you quite good-naturedly and begin to look at you as if you were a fool. If you continue to bother him with fairy tales, he will become angry and violently show you the door!”

240,4. Cyrenius says: “How then will it be possible to convey Your word to these people, of whom there are so very many?”

240,5. I reply: “If you find that people you visit are showing a passionate heart and they invite you into their homes, then remain with them and try above all to arouse their minds as much as you can! If you do this the mind of these people will become increasingly more fertile, a light penetrate into their brain and the warmth from this light will begin to bring the little brain receptors into a more acceptable order. These people will then soon become receptive to more advanced teaching and then progress, one step at a time, towards an ever purer light.

240,6. However if you find that their minds are completely dead when you visit them, move on quickly! You must never throw pearls before swine! Understand this well! Anyone who is still unclear about something must now ask and he will receive a proper answer! Otherwise our two brain assemblies can be discarded.”

240,7. Then old Marcus comes over and says: “Lord, it is almost mid-day! Should I not start to prepare lunch?”

240,8. I say: “It is praiseworthy of you to ask Me. However, the mid-day meal to feed the soul and the spirit which is coming from My mouth, has an incalculably greater value than your mid-day meal for the body! Let us first consume a few more spiritual dishes and I will then tell you that the time is right to provide for the flesh! Good is good, but better is better!”

240,9. With that Marcus is quite content and remains standing with his sons, to see and to hear what will happen next.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-240 Chapter