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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-241 Chapter

Chapter 241 - The question on the origin of sin.

241,1. At the same time Oubratouvishar also comes to Me and says: “Lord, Lord, did our white brothers know nothing about the matters You have just explained to them so wisely? All praise is of course due to you as even our children know this as they can all look into themselves and are very pleased if they can tell us something about the beautiful gardens which they from time to time can see in themselves. What have these white brothers done, that they are incapable of these very important insights? If they lack these vitally important abilities then they are no longer proper human beings but big apes, like the ones we have in our country, except that these ones have a perfect ability to speak!

241,2. We all were quite astonished when You came out with explanations about these types of brain, which are even more familiar to us than our huts at home. We are of course not knowledgeable about the whole organic construction of our bodies, but we know all about our brains. With us there are still many receptors which are empty as we have nothing with which to fill them all; but the ones you have depicted are just like the ones in the brain on the right and are exactly in accordance with Your ordinance as You have sufficiently and clearly explained. However, I truly still wish to know why these people can not see this in themselves as it is an insight that we black-skinned people constantly enjoy! What have they done? Who laid the foundation of their downfall? Someone must have done so at some stage but who and why and when?”

241,3. I say: “Who the originator is, you should not ask! Some things are hidden in God’s archives that the people on this earth do not need to know the reason for! If man were only able to know and recognize what is necessary above all for him to do to comply with My ordinances! If he does everything to achieve the results for which he has received laws to guide him from the heavens, everything will comply with the best of order for him. Everything else will however become known to every person who loves God above all and his neighbour like himself and has therefore been reborn in the spirit.

241,4. The only concern now is whether our white brothers have understood all this well enough and whether a person, who finds a gap in his understanding, will ask about something that is still strange to him so that it can then be explained to him as clearly as possible. That is now necessary above all! The question you have asked, however, will be answered for everyone in due time once that person has achieved the rebirth of his spirit.”

241,5. With that Oubratouvishar is content and speaks with his companions in his own tongue.

241,6. Mathael once more comes forward and says: “Lord, You our life and our love, may I ask in the name of my father-in-law, my dear wife and my four companions, that You cast more light on a small dark point in this matter! It is a kind of legal question, and I believe that every person, if he uses his common sense, is entitled to ask You with all humility. Man is originally not his own, but Your work, as all the heavens could never deny!

241,7. It seems to me in particular that the guidance of spirits or even very deranged souls into the beyond using Your love and almighty powers, means that the road to recovery is a little too protracted and harsh! It is true, that in this regard You have spoken of, demonstrated and explained to us many things to justify unequivocally Your divine order established in eternity and yet this truly legal question still comes up forcefully and demands an answer from us:

241,8. What can an apple do if a storm tears it off its branch or a splintered tree if it becomes the target of a lightening strike or a calm sea is whipped up by the fury of a hurricane to produce mountainous waves?! Can a rattlesnake help it if its bite is deadly?! Belladonna has not given the poison to the plant! Everywhere one wedge drives another and in the end no one can prevent being driven!

241,9. A large piece of loose rock falling down from a high cliff can create devastation among a flock of sheep grazing by chance at the base of the cliff. Who is the guilty party who will pay for the damage? If I trip over a stone at night and fall down, who is guilty in this case, - the night, the rock, or my sightless foot? In a word there are many difficult questions of fault where in all cases mutual violation of the individual primordial natural rights can be grasped with both hands! In principle, from where does it originate?

241,10. I noticed something similar with people. These black people are still in possession of their primordial human properties and we white peoples did not have the slightest idea about it until this day! Why not? The answer is that because of our imperfect souls, and the soul had to be destroyed because man’s brain was already destroyed in its mother’s womb and later on by totally incorrect upbringing! I clearly have to support the question from Oubratouvishar and also say: Yes, yes, mankind is evil and thoroughly spoilt but who spoiled man originally and who allowed man to be spoilt? As a result of the spoilage people can only want something which is completely wrong and therefore can never improve but only become worse and more wretched!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-241 Chapter