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Chapter 242 - Seemingly unjust guidance of the soul in this world and in the afterlife.

242,1. (Mathael:) “Now, in this world, for some at least, it is still more or less satisfactory! He creates for himself a little paradise as best he can. Of course, thousands of others must therefore suffer even more, the reason being, that they lacked the knowledge to create a little paradise for themselves as this specific clever one could! They are therefore destroyed in their souls by envy and rage – while every owner of his little paradise is afflicted by sensuality and opulence! The first are damned in their penury and misery - while the rich are condemned by their good life!

242,2. However, let us leave the relations on this earth as they are, since they are the fruit of the now fully explained corrupt souls and turn our attention to the gruesome results in the once great beyond! The hair stands on end when we seriously contemplate the extremely pitiful state to which a soul is condemned if it is corrupted one way or another! What curse can lend the human mouth the necessarily colourful words for this description? Only the greatest tortures inflicted by the fire of rage in the soul as a nameless evil humiliation can bring the soul to a slightly more tolerable condition, but the time factor required will always be somewhat of an eternity! How many souls will therefore from now on and for countless earth years end up in the deepest and most abject misery, only to succeed, again myriads of earth years later, in achieving greater freedom by a hair’s breadth and thus progress to reach a more tolerable state!

242,3. Lord, I have stated this using Your words and I have not added or removed anything! If I now consider on the one hand Your omnipotence, goodness and love and on the other hand the at least in principle blameless corruption of every wretched soul and the hair-raising consequences which last almost for ever and finally the attainment of a heaven of bliss after all the indescribable tortures, a heaven which is hardly one hair’s breadth better than well-organised slavery on this dear mother earth, - I must openly admit to You, despite all the blessings that You, My Lord, have graciously given to me, that I find this very difficult to accept in my mind and, as a person with a sensitive heart, I detect a level of injustice by comparison with which all the greatest and most appalling injustices committed by man are as nothing. I am of course most grateful for my presence here, whatever the outcome may finally be!

242,4. It is quite right as You, My Lord, have shown, how every man wishing to survive in the presence of Your naked Godhead, must conduct himself as a human being and that You can only provide him with the opportunity but nothing else. In a word, we acknowledge all this and no further explanation is required. However the fact that the souls of people, who have existed in the flesh for more than a thousand years and have then been educated in the same way as is now unfortunately the case, obliging them to suffer in the hereafter almost without limit of time in order to achieve a marginal improvement, all this appears to me to be very harsh! You Yourself taught us to behave kindly, gently and tolerantly towards sick souls! However, if a sick soul is not cured here on this earth and enters the hereafter still thoroughly impaired – if no spark of love or consideration can or may be shown to that soul, I am of the opinion that here too mercy and love should replace excessively strict discipline and justice!

242,5. I admit with pleasure that the perfected life of a soul, united with God’s spirit, is the greatest treasure; however, experience also shows us, that a treasure loses much of its value, if one has to search for it for too long and with excessive difficulty.

242,6. Someone wishes to take a wife. He already knows the one chosen by his heart. When he asks for her hand, conditions are put to him which will take him a thousand years to satisfy completely and the associated difficulties are almost insurmountable! It is not of any great surprise if the man abandons his heart’s desire to marry the chosen one and instead courts a maiden from a lesser background as the conditions imposed on him are much more tolerable and easier to achieve?

242,7. There, My Lord, You have my hopefully well reasoned viewpoint and perhaps I have also revealed the weakness in my heart! I am therefore asking You, as You Yourself asked us for questions about anything unclear! Please graciously enlighten me?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-242 Chapter