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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-243 Chapter

Chapter 243 - The nature of God. The necessary difficult trials of life on earth.

243,1. I say: “Yes, yes, this is the nub of the problem which, after I explained the brain, I discovered not just in you but in several others. This is why I told you to ask.

243,2. It goes without saying that God, always unchanging as the highest and purest love from eternity, can never be in any way without love. Furthermore, He will enlist in the most vigorous way all the services and means available to Him to cure any sick soul no matter how ill it may be. However, He is not able to remove the soul’s own character, but must leave it untouched and influence the soul so that, if everything else is to no avail, to achieve betterment by a kind of admonition!

243,3. In an extreme case this route can of course be extremely cumbersome; however, nobody feels more guilty than the soul itself which has become too obstinate and selfish, and which of course became like that because of its imperfect nature which I explained to you previously.

243,4. But this is the full strength, very individual will of the soul which is the way it wishes it to be and always does what it thinks to be best! Now, in this case an all- powerful and therefore violent reaction is of no use because that would cause the soul to suffer the most unspeakable pain! – if even gentle intervention can cause the soul inexpressible pain just think what it has to endure if the force is excessive?!

243,5. God in Himself is the most intense fire of all fires and the strongest light of all lights! But who can withstand a fire if he himself is not a fire or endure an intense light if he himself is not also a light?! Look at the left brain which is still here! Do you see any fire in it or any light, even shining only as brightly as a little glow-worm in the night? What does it take for this brain to become the fiercest fire and the most radiant light?

243,6. However, if I wished to begin to exert My influence most powerfully here, you would no longer see these two left brain assemblies as they would immediately be transformed and dispersed into the familiar little tongues of fire until My will-power takes command and transmutes them into a new being. What then happens to the present one?!

243,7. However, so that no being which existed once, can ever be destroyed in the sphere of influence of its soul or be transformed into another being and thus lose its primordial ego, My eternally immutable established ordinances remain valid! Even if a soul takes an unimaginably long time to reach perfection, it will still remain its very own primordial ego and will forever recognise itself as unalterable - which is hopefully more comforting, than for a soul to be completely dispersed and transformed into another individual, as necessarily all recollection of an earlier being will cease and there would be no remaining trace of that being! What would then be the value of a freely self-determining earlier life? Would a human then be any better than a worm creeping around in the dust?!

243,8. The earlier life is mainly blessed with all kind of difficulties. A person, even if he is a son of a king, must endure quite onerous trials from his birth until his death. He often makes a thousand plans which he wants to carry through successfully; but soon unexpected obstacles arise and all his fine plans fail. In their place there are all kinds of drudgeries, illnesses, annoyances, - in a word, for every encouraging day, there are five other days in which nothing particularly positive occurs and in every year a man will certainly have at least thirty completely bad days!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-243 Chapter