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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-244 Chapter

Chapter 244 - The self of the individual as the master of his own destiny.

244,1. (The Lord:) “If one carefully looks at the life of man even under the most favourable conditions, one easily recognizes that nothing should be taken for granted. From the king to the beggar, each one has to fight the battle with the summer flies of life, which are full of stings and are not attractive in themselves. During childhood man is plagued by weakness, as a man with all kinds of troubles and as an old man with both, and nobody views the last hour of his life as his best time.

244,2. The earthly life creeps along mostly surrounded by thorns and thistles, and someone who does not like them, will at the end of his earthly life in the flesh not be able to talk a great deal about pleasant and blessed things. The more self-centred someone is, the more insults he will have to deal with. The least self-centred is least affected by all the persistent summer flies which sting and all the denigrating and offensive thorns and thistles. Someone who has not lost his composure through all manner of physical suffering, poverty, frequent hunger and thirst, cold, poor quality clothes and even a poor home together with all kinds of other misfortune, will still be able to speak at the end of his life of good times, while even a king despite all the incense strewn for him will at the end of his earthly life only complain about the disappointments upon disappointments he has had to endure.

244,3. Where is there a king living who has succeeded in everything that he intended to achieve at the beginning of his reign?! As that was impossible and he finally had to acknowledge some of his own miscalculations, he is very unhappy and it is a well known fact that kings mostly die as a result of some secret inner grief.

244,4. The self-assured educated person, as he lives his earthly life, is completely conscious of himself and the ways in which he has completed the tests that his life on this earth has imposed on him. Whether My ordinances were observed or not we shall disregard here as in every respect earthly life offered him little advantage but rather all kinds of bitterness. Therefore the great worldly wise among the gentiles did not wish to praise anyone on this world as fortunate, excepting only those who had returned to the lap of the earth.

244,5. What would then be the reward for a soul withstanding all the troubles, if it, after leaving its body, would then lose its identity as the indestructible primordial ego, and either ceased to exist or became divided into a thousand other egos?! Would any of you be content with a re-arrangement of My ordinances like this? Surely not! Therefore it is My opinion that it will be better to retain the old order and above all to ensure that, however unfortunate an ego, it does not suffer permanent harm to its identity!

244,6. That an ego can and must only then become perfectly happy, when it has entered My order by a process of self-determination, as you now know perfectly well. I have preached to you for seven days without interruption and have guided you back to the primordial root of all creation in the spiritual and physical worlds. However, the fact that on the other hand a soul cannot enter a permanent state of bliss for as long it does not use self-determination to return freely to My order, I have shown to you in many ways through words, deeds and examples and again described them verbally. How can I be said to be cold, merciless, stubborn or unjust? Or can you describe something that it is necessary for a person to be stubborn? Yes, with one grain less of patience and just as little tolerance, I would of course be hard and unjust - but not at all as the way I am now!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-244 Chapter