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Chapter 245 - The independent development of the human soul to becoming a child of God.

245,1. (The Lord:) “However the fact that you say, Mathael, that I am guilty in the end because people have adopted over a long period of time a totally perverse concept of life and they will perish as a result, I immediately reply to you and say: Souls, like those of these black people, have so far not been called to become children of God, and what they have to offer is the more stereotypically maintained perfection in their souls. This should not be seen as a special consequence of the excellent development of their souls but rather that it has been given to them like their black skins. However, if they also want to become children of God, then all this will not be given to them, only the doctrine.

245,2. If they decide for themselves and try to achieve perfection in their souls using their own strengths by awakening in themselves My spirit of love, they will be of course be similar to you now. However as long the perfection in their souls is two thirds given to them and only one third self-acquired, they can never use this perfection to awaken their own spirits and also remain in the afterlife what they are here, namely, quite good, but somewhat mechanically blessed, perfected souls, for whom the limits of their state of bliss have necessarily already been fixed and can never be altered.

245,3. Where this one proviso is given, the logical conclusion which must follow is surely not self-determination. He who gave you the head, surely also gave you the hands, the body and the feet! Or do you think that they were spontaneously produced by the head?

245,4. It is indeed something completely different when it comes to a self-determining soul developing itself according to the word received from God! What it has is its own property to use and create a thousand heavens and more as it now has its own materiality and substance together with the perfect God-like power awakened by the spirit of love to accomplish this and to be as perfect in everything, as the Father in heaven is perfect! - And now let us continue! {lev.11,44; lev.19,02; lk.06,36;}

245,5. With a soul, like the one these blacks confidently own, it can be dealt with soon and easily in the beyond; since what it has, it has, and it stays with it. For itself it forever does not have a higher need and is perfectly happy, similar like a bee, when it has found a rich, honey filled flower chalice; however, beyond the honey it forever feels no need. Once the bee has what it was searching for it already has everything; all the other treasures of the whole of infinity have no meaning for it.

245,6. However, it is completely different with a self-perfecting soul! In order to achieve this, all the necessary means had to be made fully available to it, through which, if it wants to use them, necessarily and infallibly must reach perfection; but the required means are surely never enforced upon the soul, who is called to become voluntarily a child of God, but is only made available to it, just like the materials which are necessary to build a house are made available to wise master builder. From there on the master builder uses them according to his own thinking and builds a house from it according to his insight and according to his taste, and the built house is then completely his own work and not a work of him, who supplied the material to him. However, if you have ordered the best materials to build for yourself a dwelling, but you do not build it yourself, but call upon a master builder to build the required house for you, can you then also say: ‘See, this now beautiful and best furnished house is my work!’? Surely not; since the house always stays the work of him, who build it according to his thinking and recognition!

245,7. And see, in the same way the perfect souls of the blacks are not their own work! They of course are built quite well, but the blacks have contributed only very little to it. However, if so and not otherwise, they for the time being cannot reach the childhood of God; if however, it would be given to some of them to achieve this, their souls would immediately begin to look more imperfect. But since a soul, who is called to become a child of God, is only given the material to build itself and alongside the teaching, how to build, it is surely sufficiently explained, that also in the beyond nothing more can be done for it, if it should retain its individuality. Even if a soul is still so corrupted, it never can be touched by My omnipotence, and only the material can be supplied to it in such measure, as it is able to use it; one also cannot burden it with more, than it can carry with its strength.”

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