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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-246 Chapter

Chapter 246 - God's reasons for the independent perfection of a free human soul.

246,1. (The Lord:) “Normally a severely corrupted soul is always very weak, so that it is not even able to keep its human form erect and therefore appears in the beyond normally in a half-, sometimes also in a distorted animal-like shape. Now, in time it will be given more and more strength, without it noticing; but then the greatest care is taken, that thereby the soul is not disturbed in its individuality. Simultaneously such support causes the soul a lot of pain, since such a weak soul is extremely sensitive and irritable.

246,2. If I suddenly wanted to provide it with too much strength, such heavenly generosity will drive the soul to desperation by the most horrible pain, whereby it finally would become more closed up than a diamond and it could not be taught anything, before getting completely dissolved, whereby I would give it such a push for which not easily a self-provided counterweight coming from the soul could be set up. The self conscious I would thereby be lost for at least one aeon of earth years and from that point on it had to begin to collect and recognize itself again, what for the soul in its free, immaterial state would be much more difficult to achieve than here, where it has the body as a suitable tool to do this.

246,3. For you, My dear Mathael, the extraordinary length of time has caused you too much strain; however, if you could recognize what it takes, to bring a soul to a point where it is free to such extent, that it becomes what it is already in you now, you would not have minded the length of time! What do you think how long has it taken, until you, as a quite perfected soul person, has reached this your current degree of life? If I would calculate all this for you, you would be gripped by horror, and you would not nearly understand it! However, our Raphael knows it quite well and understands it in the right depth of depths.

246,4. However, this I can tell you, that nobody’s soul here is younger than the whole visible creation! You feel now uncomfortable about Me telling you truthfully, that your souls are much more than aeon times aeons of earth years old; should I Myself therefore start to feel uncomfortable, because I exist since eternity and by Me and out of Me already aeons of pre-creations have come into being during unimaginable long periods of time just because of you?!

246,5. Yes, My friend, to create a sun, an earth and all the things on it, is an easy matter! This requires not such a long time. Also to create animal- and plant souls under judgment, is not difficult. But to create a soul, completely resembling Me in everything, is quite a difficult matter for the almighty Creator, since there My omnipotence is of no use, but only wisdom and the greatest patience and leniency!

246,6. For, when it comes to bring forth a soul completely resembling Myself, thus a second Godhead, My omnipotence is only allowed to do very little, however, it must do and provide everything for the newly growing God out of Me. From Me he receives the material only spiritually and according to need also physically. And if this would not be the case, and if it could be otherwise, I surely would not, as the most everlasting primordial Spirit, out of love burden Myself with the sourly task, to take on the flesh Myself, in order to guide further the souls who have developed to a certain point, not by My omnipotence, but by My love and to give them a new teaching and the new God-spirit out of Me, so that they now can become within the shortest time frame completely one with Me if they seriously want to.

246,7. I am telling you: for My everlasting preliminary work the first harvest only starts now, and you will become My first completely perfect children, which however, still lies within your will and not Mine. And I am now of the opinion, that you, Mathael, will pardon Me, since you hopefully will recognize all that which you earlier did not recognize! Is everything clear to you now?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-246 Chapter