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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-248 Chapter

Chapter 248 - On creating miracles at the right time.

248,1. (The Lord;) “You, Mathael, are now fully in the clear, this means as far a human soul can be in the clear, for as long it has not become completely one with its spirit; therefore let your light also shine in front of all your brothers! But also awaken your faith to the power of My name; since only in My name will you in case of need be able to perform signs for the people for the first awakening of their faith in Me!

248,2. Since who preaches My word to the people, but cannot effectuate anything by the power of it, is still a weak servant of Him, who has send him, to bring to the nations of the earth the new word of all life from heaven.

248,3. However, by that I do not want to say that a real apostle of My teaching should always produce himself in front of the people, to thereby open up My teaching with the nations of the earth. No, far from that; since the truth must speak for itself, and wherever it is not understood, a closer explanation should follow, and this until the truth is understood by itself! But still, during the explanation cases arise, where the explanation, especially with still very raw and uncivilized nations, is not sufficient; it is then very necessary, to put the explanation in a more brighter light by a moderate sign.

248,4. However, an effectuated or still to be effectuating sign should never be of a too garish and striking kind, by which the people are becoming too afraid and fearful and thereby could fall into a forcing judgement; since thereby very little or nothing would be gained for the free development of the soul.

248,5. A sign must always be of such a nature, that it firstly consists in charity of a kind as if this is the result of the faith of him to whom this extraordinary charitable deed was served; and secondly the sign must never be so far removed from normality, that also a so called world wise could not find a way to explain this in natural terms! With the so called world-informed, the sign must make them thinking, but never force them into faith; since they have sufficient conceptual ability, to recognise the truth as such, even without a sign.

248,6. In these times of magicians and wizards, however, the signs can be applied quite strongly and tangible; since wherever a sign is performed, the people already have seen hundreds of magic performances by Persian and Egyptian magicians, and therefore a sign effectuated by us does not leaves a special impression with the world-wise. In addition we are also surrounded on all sides by the Essenes, who with great ease perform all kinds of signs in front of the blind people, to in time win them over to their side completely. And as such our more powerful and more miraculous signs make the people at least thinking, even if they cannot convince them completely, and this is exactly the right measure, and it would be of no benefit to the people, if we made an even bigger scene with signs.

248,7. If I heal all the sick, yes, even awaken the dead, it does not make too much of an impression in front of the people in relation to the Essenes, - but it causes the temple clerics the greatest annoyance who, sitting right on their noses, already have cursed the Essene Order to all devils. Since this order has also spread to Judea, the miracle cures of the Pharisees are not profitable anymore, and all this is the result of the Essenes clever awakening of the dead, to us a very well known secret, which, however, is totally unknown to the Pharisees.

248,8. It is, however, also a proper joke, that especially I am the water on the waterwheel of the Essenes, and you still will experience it, that people will say to you, that also I am a disciple coming forth from this Order and now working to promote this Order, who themselves are now of the opinion, that in a moral sense they soon will control the whole world. This Order is therefore for the time being not against us, and serves us, even without wanting to serve us since they devalue the most our signs in front of the people, leaving the people’s thoughts and their judgements plenty of space. Otherwise we could not perform such powerful signs!

248,9. But all this I have foreseen for this time and have let all this happen and to come to be, so that we alongside very easily and in everything unhindered can work as much as possible for the true, free salvation of the people, without forcing anybody to accept the truth by our actions. For the present time our quite strongly applied signs do not cause any particular spectacle for the superficial viewer. Only he who is somewhat more serious about us, will of course find an unspeakable large difference between the signs effectuated by Me and those performed by the magicians and Essenes. However, to him this recognition will not cause his soul any harm, as he had to recognise the truth already earlier, before he was able to make a true difference between My signs and the signs of the Essenes. He therefore is already pure, and for the pure everything is pure.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-248 Chapter