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Chapter 25 - Zinka's questions regarding Raphael and his search for the Lord.

25,1. Of course Zinka not hear just part of this teaching, he heard everything, and he said to Ebahl, whom he probably trusted most: “Friend, this strange youth who has just let us hear a note from heaven and who then taught your daughter a strange mystical lesson in such a way – speaking frankly - that I have never before encountered anything similar, looks to me as if he does not completely belong to this earth as we do. Is the one who is behind him the same person whose shoe fastenings my John regarded himself as too unworthy to loosen?! He just looks too young to me, because he is supposed to be already in his thirties!”

25,2. Says Ebahl: “Dearest friend, the youth is indeed not Him, - but rather one of His chief disciples! I must openly confess to you, that the Prophet from Nazareth possesses such power and wisdom, that there are even, as they say, angels from heaven coming down to earth to listen to his teachings, to wonder at his deeds and to praise the supreme power of God in Him!

25,3. This youth serves to prove my case and you do not know what you should make of him! For an earthly being he is in fact a little too heavenly, yet for an angel he perhaps looks a little too earthly! He has already lived with me for a month and is my daughter’s tutor. The fact that he does not have a father nor a mother on earth and possesses simply fabulous power in all things, you can believe me without a shred of doubt! I have no more detailed genealogy to offer you in his case. By the way, you can talk to him yourself and he will not keep you waiting for an answer! There is no arrogance in his whole being!”

25,4. Says Zinka: “I know enough and understand how I should regard him during these extraordinary times! However, now I want to know if this great prophet from Nazareth is among us!? Because without him I will never understand what an angel, to use the common term, must do! According to your explanation he must be a completely divine being! Please therefore just show me even a very superficial sign, if he is there and which one!”

25,5. Ebahl says: “Dearest friend, just be a little patient; you will still get to know Him! But this much I can tell you to reassure you greatly since you are not a henchmen or a hunter any more. He is actually among us, otherwise the high-ranking Romans would certainly not be here!”

25,6. Says Zinka: “That is enough and I do not need more! Now I will find him!”

25,7. With that our Zinka became calm, but was already paying close attention to everything and did not take his eyes off Cyrenius, Cornelius and the angel, since he was of the opinion that they would betray my presence most quickly. He was of course a little mistaken, since I immediately informed them in their hearts what they had to say and in which direction they should steer Zinka’s attention. The session was now adjourned, the tables were cleared and we went to the shore and talked there about quite trivial matters. Needless to say, Zinka and his companions kept a close eye on us.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-25 Chapter