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Chapter 252 - The "Father" and the "Son" in Jesus.

252,1. Say I: “You have spoken quite well! The Father is in Me in all fullness; however, I as the outer person, am still only a son of Him and in My soul only knows that, what He reveals to Me! I am the flame of His love, and My soul is the light out of the fire of love of the Father; but you know it, how the light effectuates always and everywhere wondrously!

252,2. The sun, from where the light goes forth, has a wondrous inner and most inner construction; but this is only known to the innermost of the son itself. The outer, although the all enlivening light, does not know anything about it and also does nowhere draws a picture, from which one could view the inner and innermost construction of the sun.

252,3. Yes, the Father is in Me already since eternity; but His innermost reveals itself only then in My soul, if He Himself wants it. However, I still know everything, what was in the Father since eternity: nevertheless, the Father still has many things in His innermost, what the Son does not know about. And if He wants to know about it, He must ask the Father for it!

252,4. However, soon the hour will arrive, when the Father in Me also with His innermost will fully become one with Me, the only Son from eternity, just like also the Father’s spirit in your souls will soon become one with the souls in your bodies; and only then everything will be revealed to you by the Father’s spirit in you, what at present is still impossible to be revealed to you! And as such the Father in Me still knows some things, what the Son does not know! - Do you understand this well?”

252,5. Say now some of the disciples: “Oh, is this not again a rock-hard teaching! For that we again have to ask for an explanation! Since when You and the Father are one, how can the Father in You know more than You? And still, according to Your added teachings afterwards, You are the Father Himself?! Oh, this understands who can and wants to, we do not understand this! It is becoming thicker and thicker! Something might be behind it; but to what use? We do not understand this! Lord, we ask You that You explain this more clearly; since with that we cannot do much!”

252,6. Says I: “O children, o children! For how long I still have to endure you, until you will understand Me?! I now speak as a person to you as persons, and you do not understand the person; how do you intend to understand a pure word of God later on?! But to prepare you even better for this, I will explain this a little closer to you, and therefore listen very carefully to Me!

252,7. Imagine this, our sun’s actual body as the Father, in which exists all the conditions, by which the to you visible, exceptionally luminous light-shell is continuously generated. The light-shell around the sun’s body is approximately the same as the atmospheric air around this earth, which also surrounds this earth equally to a few thousand man-heights, and seen from the moon, forms together with the earth a considerable strongly illuminated, ostensible large disc.

252,8. But how is the air of the earth formed? Out of the innermost life processes of the earth! The earth’s innermost is therefore full of air, and only the considerable surplus collects in always the same measure around the earth. However, so that the inner of the earth keeps on producing air, there must a continuous fire be present therein, which is produced by the great activity of the inner spirits.

252,9. Imagine it like this: The innermost fire corresponds to this, what I call ‘Father’, and the air is produced by the elements dissolved by the inner fire, which, however, corresponds to this what we call ‘soul’.

252,10. The fire could not exist without the air, and the air could not exist without the fire. The fire is therefore also the air, and the air is also the fire: since the flame is truly only air, whose spirits are on the highest level of activity, and the air in itself is also pure fire, but in a state of rest of its consisting spirits. It is therefore easy to see, that basically the fire and the air are one. However, until the air spirits are not excited to a certain degree, the air stays only air, and therefore a large difference exists between the excited fire air, as already fire, and between the still actually resting air.

252,11. In the fire itself is the light and as such, spiritually seen, the purest and highest knowledge and recognition; in the air which is penetrated by the light of the fire, then also exists the full knowledge and recognition, however, in an already lesser degree. If the quieter air is also excited, that itself becomes fire and light, then also in it the highest knowledge and recognition is present.

252,12. The earth with such a construction resembles therefore a person. The inner fire is the love spirit of the soul in its activity, and the air is similar to the soul, which absolutely can also be a fire spirit, if completely penetrated by the love of the spirit, which is its activity, and thereby becomes completely one with the spirit! And the soul becomes this by the rebirth of the spirit.

252,13. And see, the very same relation you find in the sun. In its innermost is a most intense fire, whose light power inexpressively exceeds the light strength of the outer light atmosphere. Out of this light the purest sun air is produced, and this air becomes on its surface fire and light itself, however in a lesser degree as there is the fire and its most powerful light in the large centre of the sun. However, the outer sunlight atmosphere is therefore with respect to its being very much the same as the fire in the centre of the large sun! It only requires the highest excitement, and it will become exactly the same as the inner fire.

252,14. Now, this innermost fire of the sun is like the Father in Me, and I am the light and the fire coming forth from the basic central fire, by which everything that there is, was created, lives and exists. Thus in My present being I’m the outer and bearing side of the innermost Father in Me, and therefore everything of the Father is Mine and also everything what is Mine belongs to the Father, and I and the Father must therefore necessarily perfectly be one, with only one difference, that in the innermost fire always a deeper knowledge and recognition must be present than in the outer light, which is only excited by the inner fire to such a degree, as it is necessary.

252,15. I could also co-excite Myself; but then you would loose your existence, just like all the world bodies orbiting around the sun would cease to exist, once the sun’s outer light atmosphere would ignite with the power of the innermost sun fire and light, whose power would co-excite all the spirits in the wide space of creation to such an extend, that in a moment it would become an infinite, most powerful sea of fire, all of a sudden dissolving all matter! Now, the inner of the sun’s matter is of course constructed in such a way, that it can contain this fire, and the continuously streaming mighty waters as the result of a continuous circulation like with man the circulation of the blood, are providing the fire with continuous activity to dissolve and to form new air and subsequently water, and therefore the fire cannot cause destruction to the actual sun body; and even if there are parts continuously dissolved, they are soon replaced by in-streaming water. And as such everything must remain in a continual order.

252,16. If you now want to look at this picture a little closer, it must become at least to some extend clearer to you, what is actually the ‘Father’ and what is the ‘Sun’, and what is the soul and what the spirit in it! Tell Me now, if you are still not in the clear!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-252 Chapter