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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-26 Chapter

Chapter 26 - Jesus raises the two drowning victims from the dead. Zinka recognizes the Lord.

26,1. As we walked up and down the sea-shore, we came to the place where our Risa was tending the bodies of the two drowned women in the hope of seeing them to come to life.

26,2. Cyrenius said to him: “Now, Risa my friend, do these two already start to show any faint signs of life?”

26,3. Said Risa: “Noble lord, every effort is absolutely in vain! Those two are progressively becoming more dead rather than more alive. Every effort to revive them and any further treatment is in vain! Only the omnipotence of God is capable of bringing them back to life! No positioning of their bodies nor the pouring of wine into their mouths makes any difference!”

26,4. I say to him: “Are you convinced of that!?”

26,5. Risa replies: “Lord, just look at the blue spots and the evidence of the already quite advanced process of decay, and You Yourself will agree with me that those two will only live again after the omnipotent intervention of God on Daniel’s Judgement Day!”

26,6. At this point also Zinka came to the fore, since he was used to handling dead bodies and looked to see if they were completely dead. After completing his examination, he said: “Our friend was speaking the truth! Those two will have to wait until Judgement Day in their present completely dead state, provided of course that there will ever be one on this earth, which I find it very hard to believe! I know that such lumps of flesh will transform themselves into moths, worms, flies, beetles and all sorts of grass and other plants! How many are torn apart and eaten by wild beasts! How many perish in fires! Will this residue just come together again on Judgement Day and recreate itself as it was, because if so I will then completely renounce my humanity for ever! I, Zinka from Jerusalem, knowledgeable in many things, state here and now that on Judgement Day, which it is said will come one day, even the omnipotence of God will need to be allowed some time to raise those two lumps of female flesh from the dead! It will give to their souls new, spiritual bodies; but in those two bodies no soul will ever again be plagued by a headache!”

26,7. I say to Zinka: “My friend! You know so much and quite often you hit the nail on the head; but in this case, strictly speaking, your aim is a little off the mark! You are quite right that on the other side no souls will never again walk in these bodies, but the two of them should, at least for some time, remain useful as carriers for their souls! If I will it, those two must awake again! One of them will even become your fertile wife and you will love her beyond measure; the other will become the wife of Risa who is still single - but their union will not be fruitful!”

26,8. After that I call both the drowned women, and in a moment they stand up and look around in amazement. They can not understand where they are and what has happened to them.

26,9. Risa and Zinka prostrate themselves before Me and Zinka calls out: “You are the One, whose coming John has announced! But You are not a prophet, You are Jehovah Himself!”

26,10. While their revival was taking place the Persians who were still present also came closer and Schabbi whom we knew well, said to Zinka: “This time my feeling is you have judged correctly! Yes, it is so, my friend, - this is Jehovah! And the youth who let us hear the heavenly sound is an archangel, in fact that same one who once guided the young Tobias on this earth. This is how things stand: this is the great Messiah whose coming was foreseen by all the prophets and seers, and with Him a new, spiritual kingdom begins on this earth!

26,11. It is Him against whom many will direct their anger, wishing to attack Him and do with Him what Herod did to John. However, all those who act in this way will be shattered by His power and become stupid and as blind as the darkest night in the presence of His wisdom! The earth has never before revealed His likeness in its physical form!

26,12. What I am telling you in the name of my twenty companions, is said unreservedly since from now on I no longer fear anything worldly since I came to know Him. He is the only one to fear among all those who wish to or will in fact rise against Him. He will thoroughly put the sinners to the test. Woe to the sinners a thousand fold! He not will fight anybody with a sword in His hand, but the power of His word will condemn and destroy them!

26,13. Regarding the power which lies in His words, you now have the naked truth in front of you as if it were new-born! These two maidens were completely dead and nobody could harbour any doubt about that! He merely said: ‘Stand up!’ and the two stood up. They are now revived and as healthy as if born again and their conscious minds are completely clear. It would however be nice if the two dear creatures could get dressed! But I know what to do! Among the Persians there are a few women who carry three sets of clothing with them. Each can contribute one dress and these two will be helped out of their predicament!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-26 Chapter