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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-261 Chapter

Chapter 261 - The expansion of the human outer life sphere.

261,1. (The Lord:) “But the ability to talk to animals does not necessarily require to be moors. Also the whites can achieve this, if they have completely purified themselves. Once a soul is completely pure and therefore also completely healthy and strong, it begins to push so to speak the excess of its outer-life-sphere over the borders of its body, and the more life-stronger it has become in itself the further the reach.

261,2. This should be taken like someone imagining a still weakly glowing coal in a completely dark room. The piece of coal will now spread just enough light that one hardly can see it where it lies. If one blows away the darkening ash as a so to speak soul-matter from its surface, the light will already become stronger and reach a little further, so that one begins to clearly recognise the immediate vicinity. If one increases the blowing more and more, from its light glowing surface there will be spreading sufficient light that one to some extend can begin to clearly discern the various items in the whole room. If the coal is then made white flame glowing, it will become quite bright in the whole room, and one will be able to distinguish all the items sufficiently illuminated also according to their colour.

261,3. It is the same with a pure soul. The glowing with ash covered coal resembles a soul completely submerged in the flesh. It uses all its matt glowing life-fire to form the dark matter surrounding it; leaving as good as nothing for the formation of an outer-life-sphere! And such a very material soul can impossibly ever feel something about a special and higher property. In this case there is nothing about any mastery over all creatures, similar there is nothing regarding the seeing in the spheres of the soul-like life dimensions, nothing with the hearing of an inner spiritual voice and even less so the understanding of any animal- or plant language, all things which were so familiar to the patriarchs like to you the most familiar outer form of things or any case. Since what should be lively illuminated by the spiritual outer-life-sphere of the soul, if it as supposing to be self shining, cannot produce sufficient life-light-ether, to see itself and who it is?!

261,4. Such a soul in the end nearly does not know anything of its own existence, does not at all know its base, and if it hears anything spiritual about herself, it disgusts it; she frightens to a kind of fainting if it sees something which resembles anything of a departed soul, and despairs at the sight of great miracles. What should become of such a soul?

261,5. Ah, when however a soul, after it has received a warranted message from somewhere or has been breezed spiritually by self-conviction and becomes life-glowing like the coal indicated above, it begins firstly to feel itself as a soul and recognizes the ground on which it is based. If the breezing becomes stronger and stronger, it, as itself more light and light, will recognize her individuality more brightly, purer and more discernible from matter, and her light will begin to reach beyond herself and will begin to illuminate her outer-life-sphere.

261,6. The more intense and the more constant the spiritual life winds kindle the soul, the more life-white-glowing and the further away beyond herself the outer-life-light-sphere becomes illuminated and brighter, and whatever steps into the outer-life-light-sphere will also become soul-life illuminated and is soon and easily recognized and well assessed by the illuminating soul.

261,7. Once the soul has reached for itself the highest possible light, thus similar to the flaming and white-glowing coal, its outer-life-light-sphere, outgoing from only the soul, will have reached the furthest possible and most intensified expansion, by which means it already becomes a ruler of all creatures, because by means of such its outer-life-light-sphere it can engage in a perfectly intelligent and most powerful effectuating correspondence with all creatures standing close-by.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-261 Chapter