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Chapter 263 - The reason for the explanations of the Lord.

263,1. (The Lord:) “I’m not explaining this to you to take you back to the primordial circumstances of the first people of the earth, but only therefore, to place you again on the level of pure knowledge while such occurrences still can take place, so that you do not need to believe this in a superstitious miraculous way, but rather to assess this according to the full and quite natural truth and act accordingly. Since if one day you would come with the spreading of My teaching to people like these blacks who are now before us, and you would see them committing actions which you just now have seen sufficiently, you would soon be overwhelmed to such an extend, that you would allow it to be preached another gospel by such miracle performing people and soon deviate from My ways and thereby hardly ever reach the rebirth of the spirit, instead of bringing My gospel to the foreign people.

263,2. However, if you know about everything how things were and took place in the world, still are and will happen, the danger to be mislead cannot happen that easily, except you would allow yourself to be deceived by a newly awoken self-interest, which of course would, correctly concluded, cause your downfall.

263,3. You do not need to perfect your souls for the sake to be able to perform all the properties of the forefathers faithfully explained to you - since this does not give to any soul a true, blissful everlasting life because from now on everyone of you has the very new reason to perfect and purify his soul, to reach, by the actual observance of My word, the conditional rebirth of the spirit in his entire soul. Since who achieved this, has suddenly more of the most wonderful abilities in himself, than all the old fathers ever possessed despite all their soul perfection! He will within one moment more easily view all star-worlds and suns and even hear and understand their still most far away language, than the old seers and miracle performers could see and assess in their closest country vicinity.

263,4. Yes, they performed miracles, - but did not understand them. They were powerful, but were not able to recognise the strength and could apply it only then correctly and useful, if by times they have been awakened by My penetrating spirit for it. They often also made use of their strength, even if it was not necessary, almost like the children who during their playful activities often apply more strength, which never ever can be of any use to them, except perhaps to exercise their natural strength.

263,5. However, it is completely different with the omnipotent strength of the spirit, once completely reborn into the soul, actually being inborn; since by that he enters in full unity of My infinite and eternal omnipotence, My love and My wisdom, insight, recognition and My will! Once he is in full possession of all this as My most true child, how could he still have a wish in himself, to effectuate things, which once the old fathers, just like these moors now, could perform only piece by piece and imperfectly?!

263,6. That you are not capable of it any more, is not due to your will, but the time and its wrong customs. Therefore I now have come Myself, to give to you for the lost small paradise, the whole heaven of the purest and mightiest spirit out of Myself, and I think on your behalf, that you can be completely content with this!

263,7. Of course, to reach the spiritualization of your soul, it will require a lot of hard work and activity; and when it concerns a specific and extremely certain attainment of the most biggest and most highest property of life, you can endure a few things! Since all the wondrous properties of a perfected human soul and all the treasures of this earth, cannot be called a smallest dew drop in comparison to the large ocean of the world, when precisely following My word and will, awaiting you with much greater certainty than the physical death of your body, which in any way will embarrass you less, than it embarrasses you, to leave an old, rotten and every hour ready collapsing house and to move into a new house forever and ever, which cannot be damaged by any storms.

263,8. Verily I say it to you: All reborn out of My word and actions afterwards shall not feel the death of the body nor having anxiously premonitions about it like the world people and some animals, because they will voluntarily leave the body, when I, requiring them for higher purposes, call them from this world into My house! - Have you now taken all this to heart and understand it?”

263,9. Say all: “Yes, Lord, You our highest love, You our everything! Everything, everything we give for Your love, for Your so endless big mercy, which You have given to us here! We surely would not know what to ask any more!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-263 Chapter