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Chapter 3 - The Lord with the nine drowning victims.

3,1. Thereupon we went quickly to the nine, and I asked that their faces should be turned upwards with their heads lying uphill. When they were placed like this, I said to Markus: “Give each one a few drops of wine in his mouth!” This was easy to accomplish, because all of their mouths were open. When this was done, I said to all present: “Go, and let every doubter among you ensure that the nine are completely dead!”

3,2. Among the thirty Pharisee converts there was also a doctor, who was able to recognize if a body was completely dead or not. He came closer and said: “It is not because I have the slightest doubt about the death of these who have drowned that I have come here to examine them, but rather, as a skilled expert, to give you valid confirmation that these nine are completely dead.” Hereupon he touched the nine, looked at their eyes and used the Hippocratic nose to assure himself of complete death and the total absence of all physical and spiritual life.

3,3. After a very precise inspection and with the added testimony of all the others present who confirmed his findings as valid and true, he delivered his judgement loudly and added : “Not only now, but even yesterday an hour after they entered the water, they were already as completely dead as they are now! Judging by my nose and the smell, putrefaction has already started. No human science, strength or power can call these nine back to life! This is only possible for Him, who will raise all the dead from their graves on Judgement Day and give them life!”

3,4. I then said: “In order that you will recognize the glory of the Father in the Son of man from the valid testimony of the doctor, I call aloud to the Father and say: ‘Father, glorify Your name!’”

3,5. At this point, they heard a voice which sounded like intense thunder: “I have glorified him through you, My most beloved Son; because it is in You that I find My true satisfaction! The people should listen to You!”

3,6. Many heard these words, but many others only heard the claps of thunder and began to ask why it was thundering. But those who heard words within the thunder testified as to what they had heard; the others were surprised by this and said: “This is strange! We certainly only heard the thunder, - but since several of you have heard the same words, we believe you as if we had heard them ourselves. We can however conclude from this that this important person here is really only the Son and not the holy almighty Father who lives in heaven, who has never been seen by any human being and to whom mankind can only speak in sanctified moments. Moses was therefore also a son of the Almighty, since he has also performed extraordinary deeds, as also did the other prophets in equal measure. This Nazarene may be the greatest of all the prophets, because he provides us with the most convincing and most frequent proof.”

3,7. Murel, who had listened to this quite attentively, says: “No, you are mistaken; this is still a very serious misunderstanding on your part! Before the appearance of Moses, who has announced the coming of a Moses through the spirit of the Lord, who introduced Elijah or Samuel, or any of the four great prophets? They were awakened by God as if by chance and then they prophesied! And who was the most frequent subject of their prophecies? Of course they concerned Him who is now in our presence! The voice which could be heard as a mighty thunder was very much His very own voice, which He uses to speak to us with His physical mouth! The only difference consists in this: With His physical mouth, He speaks as a person to us, but using the voice of thunder, He was heard as The One who was, is and ever will be, He who has created everything there is and who proclaimed the law to His people on Sinai to a background of continuous lightning and thunder. Therefore only for Him is everything possible, even the fact that He, out of the highest love for us, His children, could become a man like us. Otherwise He might forever remain unseen and without full recognition by His children whom He loves above all things!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-3 Chapter