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Chapter 30 - Action and speech.

30,1. After we had succeeded in calming Zinka a little in this way, Risa also came, as the second son-in-law of Cyrenius, and began to excuse himself in a similar manner.

30,2. However Raphael patted him on his shoulder and said: “Friend! Do not ignore the truth you feel in your heart; since you are not Zinka by a long way! You are good and honest, but you should only speak as your heart tells you to speak! Do you understand that?”

30,3. Risa says: “Yes, my friend from the heavens, I understand what you have told me, and if I speak, I will only speak in accordance with what is in my heart and no untruth will pass my lips! I am still young and have less experience of life than some of the others; but I have particularly little experience with the female gender and was never in love with a woman. But I feel an exceptional attraction in my heart and believe that I would be extremely happy, if Ida in her heavenly beauty should become my wife. I also recognise how terribly stupid I will consider myself as a result of this great happiness. For this very reason I would like to miss out on this opportunity!

30,4. As yet my love for Ida has not become a passion, and I can forego my anticipated good fortune with an easy mind. If later on however I were to become more involved and I had not accepted my good fortune, the situation would cause me considerable pain, which it might then be quite difficult for me to dispel from my heart. For this reason I would like the Lord and Cyrenius to permit me not to accept!

30,5. You see, my heavenly friend Raphael, how I feel, and how I have expressed myself! If you can help me a little, please do so before it is too late! A helpful deed must also be done at the right time otherwise it is of little use!”

30,6. Raphael says: “Friend, in my opinion this you will require very little or even no help at all from me and so let matters remain as the Lord has ordained! You yourself can of course renounce everything because the Lord never makes any decision that conflicts with man’s free will, except in the size and shape of his body. It does not however bring mankind any particular blessings, if he pays too little regard to advice from the Lord, even if it there has only been a hint. Do you also understand this?”

30,7. Risa says: “Yes, I understand this too and I will only add that the will of the Lord must always become reality, for he who carries out the will of God, can never fail. God the Lord must always know best, what will serve his people well. Therefore, from now on, I will always accept everything with the utmost gratitude in my heart and then do whatever the Lord ordains! Whatever man can do very easily because he already has a longing in his heart, he should always do and never try to do more. There is enough conflict in other matters and mankind’s weak will often finds it quite difficult to come out on the winning side. If man should also become weak-willed with regard to easy or very pleasant things, he will not make good progress in respect of the true virtues! Have I spoken the truth or not?”

30,8. Raphael says: “Very much so; but it should also be said to you, that it is better to do perform many good deeds, than to speak many good words! If people see you performing good work, they will do likewise; however, if they hear you talking good talk, they will also try to do likewise. Since however many of them lack the correct wisdom to make a truly good speech, they are forced to talk nonsense. In so doing, they cause much damage to feeble minds as well as to themselves, since their hearts become arrogant and conceited. In time, an unnecessary urge to hold forth causes the spread of all manner of false doctrines. Poor mankind is blinded and led into total darkness with the result that it is a difficult task to enlighten the people again. Numerous good deeds, however, cause mankind to become noble and open-hearted. A noble, open heart is in any event the best breeding ground for true wisdom and it will then also understand how to speak well and correctly wherever necessary.

30,9. I have told you this because quite frequently you have a great urge to speak, although you are still lacking much that is required to ensure a perfectly good speech. You should therefore speak less, but rather listen and take action more. You will then become a true disciple of the Lord, both according to His will and to please Him!

30,10. In the fullness of time, those who should speak and preach, will be chosen by the Lord Himself. Those who are not specifically chosen to speak and teach are destined by Him only to act according to His word and His teachings and should always only perform the tasks which have been clearly assigned to them by the Lord. In this way they will always find joy in God’s pleasure and in any special show of grace. Tell this also to your friends and fellow workers since there are some among them who think highly of themselves as being disciplined and persuasive speakers. However, they are not chosen by the Lord to speak, only to act.

30,11. The reason why the Lord allows you to become happy here on earth is in order that one day you will be able to do plentiful good work. However if the Lord were to have chosen you as a speaker and teacher, He would say to you: ‘Come and follow Me, wherever I go`, and learn to recognise all the wisdom of the kingdom of God! You must see that speaking and teaching require greater skill but action is the principal requirement, while speech and doctrine merely point the way!

30,12. See how much pleasure Cyrenius gives to the Lord. This is surely not because of his talent as a speaker, but because he performs good works many of which are also noble! But he who does many good and noble things can, if necessary, also make a good and correct speech as an open and noble heart is never without light from the heavens. However, he who has this gift in the same measure as his frequent performance of good and noble deeds, will always clearly know, where, when and for how long he should speak. Do you clearly understand what I have explained to you, my dear Risa?”

30,13. Risa says: “How can I not have understood as you have spoken the simple truth, and this is always clearly understandable to everybody! I will always be strictly guided by your words. The lessons I have learned from you, I will also immediately convey to my companions. I would however like to know one thing and that is whether Zinka is also called upon only to act or whether he must teach as well!”

30,14. Says Raphael: “My friend Risa, there is a vast difference between Zinka’s experience and your own! He is a mighty soul coming down from above, and has much valuable experience behind him, despite being only ten years older than you. For this reason, he is chosen by the Lord both to act and to speak. However once you too have gained sufficient experience, you will also have to speak and teach. For now, just widen your experience and become renowned for good and noble deeds!”

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