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Chapter 32 - An event from the time of Jesus' adolescence.

32,1. During the discussion between the two of them, I gave both the revived maidens the opportunity to recognize Me as the one who had also brought back some men from the dead in Kapernaum some months before, and soon both recognized Me as that same person and said that they also knew Mary and the others members of Joseph’s household. Gamiela also mentioned, that she could still remember the occasion when the old master carpenter Joseph with his six sons built a new sheep shelter at her foster father’s home in Capernaum. She also said that she could also recall having seen Me at work as the youngest of Joseph’s sons but at that time she could not of course have had any idea, that the Spirit of the Most High was concealed within Me.

32,2. Ida also spoke and added: “Yes, yes, dear sister! It was the last evening, when the building was completed and our foster father paid old Joseph for the work, but in the end deducted a few coins as was his custom as a business man, prompting our Holy friend to go to the merchant saying: ‘Do not do this as it will not be a blessing for you! You are a gentile, but nevertheless believe in the God of the Jews. Understand that this mighty God lives in My heart, and if I pray to Him, He grants Me whatever I have asked Him for! He also dwells in the hearts of all righteous men before Him and is pleased to answer their prayers. If you were to act in this hard way against Joseph who has completed a heavy task for you, I will ask My God and Father to judge you and you will soon find yourself repaid in an unpleasant way! Consider that it is not good to offend those who are as one with God!’ My foster father did not listen and insisted on his deduction. However the old carpenter said: ‘Look, I am an honest man and say this to you honestly. These few coins would have been my total profit for this heavy work, and I would have paid my house rent with them! However since you are a rich man and the coins are so important to you, keep them. The deduction is unjust and no good can come of it!’

32,3. I, Ida, wept with annoyance about my stubborn hard-hearted father, went into my room and secretly gathered up all my savings. Gamiela did the same after me, and we quietly put about one hundred coins into old Joseph’s toolbox. Nobody noticed this except You, o Lord! And You then said: ‘Both of you maidens will one day be richly rewarded for the kindness you have shown to us! When you said those words you looked like one transformed. You then stood up and left our house. It was late evening and on foot it would take a few hours to walk to Nazareth. I therefore said to You: ‘Would you not rather stay here for the night than walk that long unsafe road, especially when the night is so dark with heavy storm clouds covering the sky and a thunderstorm approaching?’ Your reply has always remained in my mind. ‘Whoever made the day is its Master, and whoever the night, is also its Master; therefore the Lord of the day as well as of the night, does not need to fear either day or night. The storm is equally in the power of that same Lord whom the world does not know. Neither the night nor the storm will be able to cause us any harm! Farewell, you two little angels!’ With that you left our house and heaven knows you had hardly left the threshold of the house when there was no trace of you to be seen anywhere!

32,4. Oh, I have often thought about You, Lord, but have not been able until this hour to meet with You again! However, in that same night Your words were dreadfully fulfilled on that night for my foster father! A terrible thunderstorm came and the new sheep shelter was hit three times by lightning together with seventeen hundred of his best sheep which had already been housed there. Everything burned down within a few hours and despite all our efforts nothing could be saved! Our foster father regretted having sinned so badly against the loyal carpenter; since he himself said: ‘This punishment comes to me from above because I have deserved it. Never again will any loyal worker in this house be deprived of one single coin of his hard-earned wage!’ He kept his word. He did not rebuild the shelter in the same place but he fenced in a hundred acre plot of land complete with a hut for ten shepherds and their helpers. We never saw the old carpenter from Nazareth again. He must have died shortly afterwards as he looked very weak even at that time.

32,5. About six months later we came to the large market in Nazareth and enquired diligently about the old carpenter and his sons but it was said that they had been called away far across country to build some houses. Without achieving anything we went back to Capernaum and after that we did not hear anything more about the carpenter’s family. About three years later our foster father was said to have heard that Joseph had moved to High Nazareth which is located in the mountains towards Samaria, in order to complete a large project there. However, we never did see anyone of his family again! Nevertheless, I would have loved to become more closely acquainted with the young carpenter, whose name was Jesus as I recall!

32,6. However the things which were not granted to us at that time You, my Lord, have kept in mind wonderfully well until now! Only now have we been enlightened with regard to the words mysteriously spoken by You that same evening when You left our house on a night as black as pitch! Now we know who it is that is the Lord of the day, the night and the thunderstorm! But now we offer You these words from the heart to give you all our thanks for the countless mercies and deeds which You, sweetest Lord Jesus, have shown to us without our having deserved them!”

32,7. Said I: “Oh, you are not without any merit. Just think of what you have done for old Joseph! How much he appreciated the one hundred coins when he found them the next morning in his toolbox! Initially he did think that it was your foster father who had done this for him secretly but I soon corrected his mistake. He praised your kind hearts, and I promised him that I Myself would one day repay your kindness many times over. I have therefore given you back your life and your true parents in friendship and happiness. Go to him now with love and give him true joy; since his joy is also Mine!”

32,8. Only then did the two of them go to Cyrenius to embrace him - and he cried for joy like a child.

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