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Chapter 33 - Cyrenius' pledge to work for the teaching of the Lord.

33,1. After a while Cyrenius had wept from the heart with joy and pain, with his two daughters, Zinka and Risa who also went to him, supporting him with delightful strength, and he then came to Me, embraced Me and said through his tears: “O, you are eternal Love of the greatest purity! Who could not love You above all things?! O Lord and Father, how good and holy You are?! O Lord, let me die in this my love!

33,2. Lord and Father! Although I have never had the immeasurable privilege of knowing You from the time of Your earthly birth, I have always loved You, and You have always been the pivot point of all my thoughts! But I was not always constant and strong in the control of my own inner world or over the world around me. Now, however, I believe that through Your mercy and love I have acquired the necessary strength to walk through the rest of my life as a human being who respects Your holiest will in all things.

33,3. I of course rule mostly only over gentiles, whose gods’ teachings I unfortunately have still to protect here and there - this is indeed a great evil; but no tree falls with one blow of the axe. I will however make it a priority to strive to spread the recognition of the only true and living God as much as I can among the better gentiles, at least in the territory under my rule!

33,4. With the priesthood we will have the most trouble since this class has lived for several centuries from their ability to use obscurity in their dealings with people. The old people will call down thunder and lightening from heaven, and the young ones will make fierce grimaces but in the end they will be forced to abandon their old habits and go to work in our new fields. The saddest aspect, however, for the honest person on this earth is that he can find the lie without any trouble, while the truth is only reached after a very troublesome search which is often beset with many great dangers.

33,5. The old Egyptians had organized their schools in a very classical manner. He who only wished to learn something or other for his daily life, had to pay his fee and he was shown the many advantages of his new knowledge while for the man who came to search and find the truth by which the inner life of man is ruled, for him his ominous search was made difficult in an almost unheard of manner. If he found the great secret of life, he was forced to remain a priest, and he was under a strict oath which did not allow him to breathe even one syllable of it to a layman!

33,6. Divine truth was therefore always difficult to acquire, while a host of lies were being spread freely over the whole world. But because the old untruths always waved the sceptre over the people, the people got used to the lie. It became second nature to them, and it was even easier, because quite a large number of them, if not all, were and still are quite comfortable with the lies. Now, to say farewell to the lie would not cause too much of a protest, as I see it; but to be obliged to renounce the advantages previously enjoyed is the very hook which it will be very difficult to bend!

33,7. But have patience for everything will come out right! One can make promises and give the priesthood other advantages, show these people, who anyway have no faith, the truthful facts in friendly intimate discussion and recruit them - at least the best of them - to spread the truth. I think that in this way what otherwise appears to be the biggest difficulty can be transformed into a very easy task. However, whether one can ever become the conqueror of the lie on the whole earth, that is another question altogether! Good and right-minded people with truthful souls, will surely do everything they can, at least to give their neighbours more enlightenment. In a word, the area around these lights will always look brightly lit. But further away from their source it will become darker again, and very far away, both in space and in time, black night will wave the sceptre just as it does now!

33,8. This is my opinion. You, my Lord, could perhaps achieve it differently but You also know, why it must be like that on this earth! Therefore may your Holy Will alone always prevail!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-33 Chapter