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Chapter 34 - The law of "Must" and "Should"

34,1. Say I: "My dear friend, I quite like your opinions, and the holy Father in Heaven is always pleased when His children confer wisely with Him. But there are certain things which cannot be changed, and one thing or another must happen in a certain manner in order to achieve a certain goal which could not be reached in any other way.

34,2. God has therefore given out a twofold law. One is purely mechanical and called 'Must'. From this law issue all forms and their variations which then prove the suitability of the form. No iota can ever be changed of this mechanical law. But the other law is called 'Shall'. And to this alone the precept of life applies.

34,3. According to the law of life you can eradicate, destroy or even wipe out the whole down to the last iota and it will not matter much and is all the same. What is to become free must already be free in its initial development. Even if it becomes deformed in its free inner being, it can not displace the law of 'must' above it. However, within the form there is always the germ which begins to sprout anew in the right order, possessing the part that was spoilt in the free life-sphere and bringing it back into the proper order.

34,4. Thus, you see nations on earth that are living in utmost depravity where the soul is concerned; but their form remains and if you look at them, you must admit that they are human. Their souls are certainly distorted through all kinds of falsehood, deceit and malice; but at the right time I allow more warmth to penetrate the life-germ and it begins to grow, consumes the old disorder of the soul as the grass root consumes the stagnant drop of water, and a very healthy, strong and thoroughly pure spear of grass comes up with blossom and seed.

34,5. For this reason you shall not ever judge a depraved nation too harshly. For as long as the form remains, so also does the pure germ in man; and if that remains, even a devil can still change into an angel.

34,6. The invariable causes of the depravity of men and their souls are usually found to be mistaken teachers, lust for power, greed on the part of those in power or temporary possession by evil spirits that insinuate themselves into the flesh and the nerve spirit of man. But there can be no question of total depravity of the innermost life-germ.

34,7. Behold how Mathael and his four companions were maltreated by the evil spirits. I freed the five of them and awakened the life-germ within them, and behold, they have again become perfect human beings.

34,8. There are, of course, differences among men. Some souls come from above. These are stronger and the evil spirits of this earth can harm them little or not at all. Such souls can, therefore, stand a stronger life trial in the flesh without suffering any considerable damage. If the spirit, that is, the hidden primal life-germ, is awakened within them and it then penetrates the soul through and through with its eternal life roots, the only slightly spoilt parts of such a soul are quickly healed and the whole man stands there in his perfect state, as you can see with Mathael, Philopold and a few others.

34,9. The souls of some men have previously even been angels in the heavens. Well, with those nothing can be so easily spoilt. Take as examples John the Baptist and several prophets, such as Moses, Elias, Isaiah and some others, and even now there are some on this earth who have come from the heavens so that here they can walk in My company along the very narrow road of the flesh. Such people are capable of a very strong life trial in the flesh and in fact always bear it with the greatest devotion.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-34 Chapter