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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-35 Chapter

Chapter 35 - The difference of the souls on earth.

35,1. (The Lord) "Besides, there are also differences among the souls from above, in that there are some who come from the perfect solar worlds. These are stronger than those coming from the small planets resembling this earth in order to aspire to a place as a son of God on this earth.

35,2. The less perfect a planet, the weaker are its emigrants. These, I admit, have lesser tests to pass during their trial of life, but they can suffer greater damage to their soul. However, they have within them a vigorous primal life-germ; if that is awakened in the proper manner, it will not be long before the souls return again to their full life order.

35,3. Finally, and most frequently, there are souls which originate from this earth in its primary beginning. They are the ones who, strictly speaking, are called to become sons and daughters of God, and they are the weakest and could, if left to themselves, become most easily and totally depraved. But this is not easily possible because among a hundred of them there certainly are one or two strong ones from above whose task it is to guard the weak souls and thus prevent their total perdition. Although there are utterly lost sheep among them, they will one day be found again.

35,4. Yet every soul - no matter how weak, helpless, utterly confused and depraved in itself - has within it the primal life-germ which can never be corrupted. If in the proper course of time the soul has been brought to a stage where its innermost primal life element can be awakened, it is blessed forthwith, strong in love and wisdom in all things. It is then also a child of the Most High in the same way as an angel incarnate or a soul from a central sun, a lesser planetary sun or from some other dark and as such lightless earth globe, of which there are more in the vast expanses of space than there is sand in the seas and grass on the earth.

35,5. By laying on his hands or gently stroking him from the root of the nose across the temples and down to the pit of the stomach, a person more advanced in his perfection can put another into an ecstatic trance. The latter may be the most foolish and superstitious sinner, a real brute, but during such a sleep his soul, however disturbed it may be, is freed from the tormentors of its physical body, and the primal element of life becomes active within the soul for a short while.

35,6. If you then put questions to such a sleeper in a trance, you will receive astonishingly wise answers.

35,7. When after a while such a person - in accordance with his own directions that should be observed - is once more awakened to temporal life, his primal element of life has returned to its former inactivity; the soul re-enters its previous bonds of the flesh and does not remember anything that happened while its body was in a state of trance. It has no recollection whatsoever of the wisdom that passed through its incarnate mouth and it is again as foolish and superstitious as before.

35,8. May this prove to you that fundamentally no soul is so depraved that it could never be healed.

35,9. Of course, with many a soul it may take a long time here and very much longer in the beyond until it can attain the independent, healthy stability needed to fully awaken the primal element of life within it and have it completely pervade all its parts. However, to regard this as impossible and unthinkable in a soul that appears utterly depraved, would be quite as great a sin against the love and wisdom of God as to regard with the judgmental eyes of the world the soul, believed to be condemned, as scum from hell and a colossal agglomeration of sin."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-35 Chapter