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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-36 Chapter

Chapter 36 - Mental illnesses and their treatment.

36,1. (The Lord:) "You shall not judge others, for thereby you might in the end be judging yourselves.

36,2. Would it not be inhuman and foolish to judge and want to punish unscrupulously a physically sick man just because he became sick and miserable? But it is a very much greater and more inhuman folly to judge and condemn a person whose soul has become weak and sick.

36,3. In accordance with your laws and regulations you call such people criminals and subject them without pity to severe punishment. And what are you doing thereby? You are punishing a soul because it has become sick, actually through no fault of its own. Ask yourselves how your courts must appear to God.

36,4. Ask yourself also, My philanthropic Cyrenius, what you, as a supreme judge of Rome with power over life and death, would have done with the five principal criminals had I not been there? As I see it, you would have listened to the enumeration of their infamous, wicked deeds and, finally, had all five crucified. Would it ever have entered your mind to think that such spirits could dwell in these five? Oh no! This would never have entered your mind!

36,5. Infuriated by their crimes, you would cold-bloodedly have condemned them to death and moreover, set your own mind at rest by thinking you had rendered a good service to God and mankind. What damage you would have done to mankind by uprooting those spirits which now, completely healed in spirit and body, shine like the vernal sun on the men of this earth and will warm and motivate many thousands upon thousands of human hearts to the things that are good and true. From now on you will indeed proceed in a different manner; but previously you would have been unbending.

36,6. And behold, this is the case with all temporal courts of justice on our dear earth. For the physical diseases and ailments there are doctors who prepare all kinds of medicines; only for the maladies afflicting the poor souls there are no doctors and medicines other than a heavy tome full of laws which are difficult to keep - and behind the laws hangs the sword of judgment!.

36,7. Would it not indeed be better, more prudent and more humane to establish more doctors and medicines for ailing souls than for their bodies which anyway before long become food for the maggots?

36,8. I certainly know best that a deep-seated ailment of the soul is more difficult to heal than many which affect the body; but none of them is completely incurable. However there is for every body a final illness for which there is no cure on the whole earth. And yet you men do so many wrong things!

36,9. To treat the decrepit, totally mortal body you establish hospitals and more hospitals, as well as dispensaries and spas and you invent ointments and plasters and health drinks; but you have not yet established one institution for the immortal soul.

36,10. You say, of course, in your hearts:- 'How would that have been possible but for You, 0 Lord? From whom would we have adopted and learnt this?' This is certainly true, - gaining this knowledge does necessitate a more thorough investigation into human nature generally than just knowing empirically the herbal juice best suited to cure excess stomach acid. But the immortal human soul in its complexity deserves far more to be treated than a stomach which has been overloaded by sheer gluttony!

36,11. It is of course at all times true that physicians of the soul, by God inspired, have been sent into this world and that they preached the right way to heal men’s souls. Some heeded the advice and unfailingly were healed. But the so-called great and powerful on this earth always imagined themselves to be quite healthy in their souls, finally persecuted these physicians and forbade them to heal sick souls. In this way the great and powerful on the earth were always instrumental in preventing the blessed teaching of the healing methods for these souls from developing the roots which are necessary for full growth.

36,12. And if ever a healthy and vigorous seed was sown, the selfish and power-hungry people of this earth used to cut back the tree, removing the to them superfluous branches and twigs and scraping off the essential bark until the whole tree had to die. Thus, to this very moment no remedy for sick souls has been invented and implemented other than exceedingly harsh laws, horrible dungeons, the sharp, merciless sword and all kinds of instruments of painful execution and death, all of which are products of souls which are also ailing but are strong. The latter must be helped first of all, if the healing of the small, weak and downtrodden souls is to succeed on this earth."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-36 Chapter