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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-37 Chapter

Chapter 37 - On mental institutions and healers of the soul.

37,1. (The Lord:) "I Myself had to come down to this earth, so that I could establish for all sick souls a permanent and effective institution for their healing, such as men could never have established themselves.

37,2. But, notwithstanding all this, it will always be difficult to establish permanently an institution of this kind for sick souls, because certain people will begin to feel that their imaginary rights in this world are being infringed.

37,3. Self love and worldly love, whiffs of hell in man's heart, will always resist, not wanting to be healed of its bad afflictions, and will not give up its worldly remedies, or harsh laws which are hard to observe, together with their judgments and penalties.

37,4. However, there will be many after Me who will use this soul-healing institution established by Me for the benefit of many. Such true soul-healing institutions will for the sake of My true and living name certainly have to suffer many trials and tribulations, even frequently coming from the worldly powerful, but in themselves thoroughly sick souls. I shall however know how to protect them.

37,5. But if too self-willed worldly souls, who have become very sick, should out of sheer madness attempt to bring down one or other of the healing institutions, I shall seize them through a suitable extraordinary judgment and arrange for the healing of their souls in institutions in the beyond, where there will be much howling and gnashing of teeth, until their healing has been very gradually accomplished.

37,6. Already in this world a powerful medicine usually tastes very bitter; but much more so the medicines for the healing of souls in the beyond, since they must be powerful enough to heal a dangerously sick soul there, in cases where no healing had been possible here. Yes, they will certainly be healed, but it will be a long and desperately painful process. Therefore, happy is he who will heal his soul in these earthly healing institutions!

37,7. For all the reasons mentioned so far, you, mighty judges, shall in future be true soul physicians and shall pass a valid judgment on every sick soul, which leads to its recovery but does not involve even greater emotional deprivation.

37,8. Truly, the degree by which you will have worsened the condition of an already sick soul by means of a judgment that is sick in itself, will determine that your own soul will become more miserable and sick to the same extent, and your healing in the beyond will be far more painful than that of the soul made more miserable by your evil judgment. For such a soul, in spite of your bad and absurd judgment, is and remains sick and will respond to simple healing in the beyond. The soul of an unenlightened judge, however, will after every wrong and evil judgment contract twice the sickness of the harshly judged soul and thereby also double its own mental sickness. Hence, it can be easily concluded that the healing process in the beyond for the badly diseased soul of such a judge will be a bitter and lengthy one.

37,9. If you are an incompetent doctor and - being sick yourself - visit a dangerously ill person thinking only of selfish gain and in your incompetence administer to him a medicine that does not help but makes him even worse, what benefit would you derive from it? According to your custom, you are not paid if you have not helped him, but instead you have contracted the sick person's disease on top of your own.

37,10. A competent doctor who visits your former patient in your place will no doubt cure him with a simple but effective medicine, whereas for you who are now suffering from two diseases he will have to use a medicine which is twice as potent and which in your suffering body will produce twice the reaction that the simple medicine will have caused in your former patient."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-37 Chapter