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Chapter 38 - True justice.

38,1. (The Lord) "I think that you now see this matter clearly and so I will continue. By what I have told you I did not mean that you should abolish all prisons and places of detention, which are indeed a necessary evil to counter the great evil of very sick souls, and break all the fetters and swords; oh no, this is not what was meant by it. For very sick souls spreading infection must be carefully isolated from the healthy ones and kept in care under supervision until they are thoroughly healed.

38,2. However, do not let your anger and revenge keep them confined in secure places, but cherish your great love for your neighbor and, closely allied to it, your sincere concern that they will possibly be completely healed. Whenever the true spirit of love indicates to you that one or other seriously ill person needs a bitter medicine, do not withhold it from him, since this would a very immature and untimely sign of compassion, Only in the spirit of true love must you dispense a bitter medicine to the seriously ill. It will surely bring about his hoped-for cure and you will then derive many blessings for yourselves.

38,3. The medicine which in the evening I first prescribed for the five was certainly not sweet and palatable; but My great love for them recognized that it was absolutely essential for their complete recovery and thus, that bitter medicine was also a supreme act to show My love for them. Consequently, it was so much easier in the morning to heal them of all evils, and if one of them bears Me a grudge because of the bitter medicine, let him speak up.

38,4. But if someone, motivated only by anger and a thirst for revenge, torments and tortures the supposed criminal most unmercifully, his actions already make him the greater criminal many times over and he will one day taste all the more of the most bitter medicine.

38,5. Whatever measure you use in your assessment, that same measure will be used to reward you. Whoever measures with true love will one day himself be measured likewise; but he who measures in anger and revenge will one day for his own healing receive an administration of the very same medicine but twice the quantity, and he will not be released one second earlier from the harshest institution in the beyond until every hard fibre in his soul has become as white and soft as wool.

38,6. I have now shown you the true nature and character of man in general, and you can no longer say: 'This we did not know!' But since you now know it, do act accordingly and teach it also to those who rank below you and, being themselves sick, do not thus far know what they are doing. You will then, as true and healthy collaborators working for My kingdom on this earth, be active in the right and best measure, and My approval will accompany you wherever you go. If you should however, work in some place using your old ways again, then think that your soul has again become infected by an old evil, ask Me that I should cure it and that you should not be stricken by a twofold illness!

38,7. O you, who are judging and whose judgements make the poor sick souls even more ill than they were before, think in all seriousness what you are and what you should be in all truth, and what you are supposed to be doing according to the order of God! You judges and overlords ruling over the impotence of peoples, from whom in the final analysis you also derive your power, might and respect, should be the true fathers of your nations, and as such should be concerned for the health of the souls of the many children entrusted to you with all love for true fatherly care! You do not need to be doctors caring for their bodies - but rather doctors caring for their souls!

38,8. If you see your children often disregarding the rules of their parents and now and then even grievously sinning against them, would it be appropriate if the parents were to take one of the children and torture it as an example to deter others and finally even hang it on the cross?! This can perhaps only have been done once by a father totally addicted to power; but the history of the world will not be able to show many such examples! However you better parents will at least reprimand transgressing children in a mock serious manner and in the most severe case even punish them with a salutary corrective rod. Should the children thereafter improve their behaviour, this will surely give you great joy. It is an appropriate desire for you to see the souls of your children fresh and healthy in your company.

38,9. You mighty judges should behave in the same manner towards all people, and your joy will never end! Put yourself in the place of those who must listen to you as well as accept and follow your laws! Would it not be pleasing to you, if they as your judges would be compassionate and lenient towards you?! You could sensibly wish that their behaviour in your presence, if you were to stand before them with sick souls, would be the same as your behaviour towards them if they should stand before you with the same illness!

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-38 Chapter