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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-4 Chapter

Chapter 4 - The Lord's instructions for raising the drowned from the dead.

4,1. I now step closer to Murel and say: “You have done this well, My son! You have in fact penetrated the truth very thoroughly, and those who have seen things in a somewhat distorted way have received teaching from you appropriately based on the whole truth. You will therefore become an excellent weapon for Me against the Jews and the heathens; and your reward in heaven will consequently not be diminished!

4,2. Let us now adopt an active role, which I have selected for you, so that everyone can grasp that it is really only I who should have come according to the predictions of all the prophets up to Simon, Anna, Zachariah and John, who was decapitated by Herod! Observe how these nine shall all become alive again and return home to their families! When they wake up with their strength fully restored, do not detain them, but let them go immediately. One of you may inform them what has happened to them but only after I have left this place.

4,3. When I had finished speaking, I said to Markus: “Put some wine in their mouths for the second time!”

4,4. Markus did this; but Cyrenius and Kornelius asked Me, why the men who had drowned must be given wine before reviving them again.

4,5. I said:- “ This is absolutely not necessary in order to revive these people; but since they will leave this place immediately after their resurrection, they need their physical strength, and this is achieved by putting wine in their mouths before reviving them. It will be absorbed by the nerves of the palate and the tongue and in this way it will be shared with all the other nerves in their bodies. When these nine are again alive, each soul, which will have returned to its body, will already be strong and capable of immediate use for all kinds of activity. If their strength were not prepared, the newly revived bodies would need to rest for a while to strengthen their limbs before any movement. At the same time this pre-strengthening will leave a pleasant taste in the mouth of those concerned, which is also necessary since the smell of dank water might cause them to become unwell after being awakened, and they might not be completely free of illness for a long time. - Now you also know this; do you still have any concerns in this regard?”

4,6. Kornelius says: “No, not really, Lord and Master; however, the thought came to me, that You as the Almighty, whose will alone is capable of doing anything, will nevertheless sometimes still choose to make use of completely natural means to achieve a specific goal!”

4,7. I reply: “And why should I not?! Are these natural means not also a creation of My will, - in this case the wine in the cellar owned by Marcus, whose empty bottles and other vessels I alone miraculously filled with wine?! If I therefore make use of natural means, then this is no less a miracle than if I do not use natural means but only My will! - Do you understand this now?”

4,8. Kornelius and Cyrenius respond: “Yes, this is also now very clear to us; we are already looking forward to the revival of the nine people who drowned! Will this take place immediately?”

4,9. I say: “Have just a little more patience, until wine has been put in their mouths for a third time, so that they can have sufficient reserves of strength within them for their new lives!”

4,10. With that, all curiosity was satisfied, and on My instructions Markus put wine into their mouths for the third time.

4,11. At this point, I say to the many bystanders: “This task has now been completed! But let us distance ourselves from this place and sit at the tables where a well prepared morning meal awaits us! If we were to stay here, we would only confuse the newly awakened men and they would think that something extraordinary had happened to them; but if they do not see anyone close by, it will seem to them, that they had been completely dazed and exhausted by yesterday’s storm, that they had fallen asleep on this hill and had only awakened from a deep slumber this morning, which is the day following yesterday’s Sabbath! In consequence they will be completely unconcerned and quietly rise from where they are lying now to return to their homes, where they will be welcomed by their families with the greatest joy and feel fully refreshed.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-4 Chapter