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Chapter 40 - Somnambulism and its application.

40,1. Cornelius steps closer to Me and asks: “Lord, during the course of Your supreme divine speech and teaching, You mentioned that a spiritually perfect man can put his hands on another person who could shortly afterwards fall into an enraptured sleep and speak words of wisdom from a healthy soul – it being irrelevant however if he were to be a blind and completely stupid person! If only I could follow the progress of such a treatment, then I would know how such a salutary experiment is to be undertaken on someone if it should be necessary. But if one is a layman regarding the method of treatment, one can not begin the process with the best will in the world and nothing can therefore be achieved. - Would You be prepared to entrust me with further details?”

40,2. I say: “O yes, with pleasure, since this procedure is absolutely essential to restore lost physical and mental health. For the mere laying-on of hands in My name in unshakable faith and with a firm will can relieve even the worst physical pain. Also it frequently happens that the person who has had hands laid on him by a steadfast believer and with a strong desire to help him, will become clairvoyant and can then determine for himself the best medicine which, administered according to his instructions, will heal him completely. Naturally, in cases where his own diagnosis is not heeded, adverse outcomes have been observed and complete recovery may not be achieved. However if the prescription is administered as an unchanged treatment, full recovery will most certainly take place.

40,3. However, when he is in a state of clairvoyant trance, the person concerned must not be disturbed and weakened by unnecessary questions and should only be asked to speak on absolutely essential points.

40,4. Whoever lays his hands on someone, must do so in My name, otherwise his intervention will be of no value and will not achieve any result.

40,5. A firm, unshakeable belief and an equally unshakeable, steadfast will are required.

40,6. Such an endeavour must have its origin in the most profound recesses of the heart and must be motivated by true neighbourly love. Then the power of love will energise the hands of the healer, be transferred through his fingers to the tips then flow like a soft dew into the nerves of the patient to heal his pain which often have a stinging or burning effect.

40,7. However, it is quite important to note, that it requires more to place a man into an ecstatic trance than a woman! In certain cases a man could also be put into a healing trance by a woman but a devout woman could however only achieve success in giving this treatment as a healer if she has the help of an invisible angel standing by her side and makes him available to herself through prayer and pureness of heart.

40,8. Such devout women could provide relief especially to those giving birth with difficulty and in great pain. This would be preferable to the practice of midwives who normally travel to Bethlehem to learn the methods of assisting childbirth, as this usually has the result that a large number of all kinds of superstitious devices are used in the most stupid way and always cause more harm than good.

40,9. What extremely stupid and ridiculous ceremonies are played out especially during the birth of the first born child! If a girl is born to a new mother, than all kinds of silly songs of sorrow must be sung and people are required to sigh pitifully and weep bitterly for three days. If a little boy is born, calves and lambs must be slaughtered and cakes must be baked and all the singers, pipers and fiddlers must combine to make an ear-splitting noise all day long – and this is supposed to help relieve the mother in her labour pains! Therefore, instead of such stupidities, devout women supporting new mothers would be much more useful method!”

40,10. Said Cornelius: “Certainly yes! But how does a woman become so devout?”

40,11. I say to him: “Very easy! In the first place, good upbringing is required, and then the thorough education of a fully mature virgin! No matter how mature the maiden is, she should only be taught after testing the true devoutness of her heart.

40,12. However, men too can assist during childbirth by laying-on of hands and provide great relief!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-40 Chapter