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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-41 Chapter

Chapter 41 - Physical and mental cleanliness. Remote healing.

41,1. Stahar, who is standing near by and paying close attention, says: “Would not something like that defile the man for a whole day according to the laws of Moses?”

41,2. I say: “From now on nothing can defile you other than evil and impure thoughts, desires and wishes, malicious characterisation, lies and slander, belittlement and defamation. These are the things which defile people and everything else either does not defile a person at all or is at worst only skin deep. Besides, he can always find enough water to cleanse himself of any problem on the surface of his body.

41,3. Moses primarily gave these laws to the Jews because of their great obsession with impurity in all external matters since people who are already outwardly inclined to become real pigs, will even more easily achieve the same state in their hearts. Therefore Moses especially recommended that the Jews should practice good physical hygiene.

41,4. But the proper purification of a person occurs only by true repentance, by remorse for a sin committed against his neighbour, by the serious intention not to sin anymore and by the consequent complete betterment of his life.

41,5. If that does not happen, you can sprinkle blood on one hundred thousand goats, curse them and throw them into the Jordan in place of your sins and your hearts and souls will stay just as unclean and impure as they were before! With water you clean your body but your heart and soul are purified with steadfast good will which is devoted to God in all things. Just as pure, fresh water strengthen the limbs of the body, a steadfast will devoted completely to God strengthens the heart and the soul.

41,6. Such resolute souls can lay their hands in My name on someone afflicted, even if very far away, and he or she will improve.

41,7. However, anyone who is still short of perfection in his heart and his soul, should make use of finger tracing as indicated earlier in My main speech, and he will provide great relief for a person suffering from a illness of the body. He will also be able to put someone into a trance, and the patient will foretell for him in his trance, which remedy will be of help to him. The prophecy must then be administered carefully and in time the invalid will improve, but not of course as quickly as if someone perfect in spirit had laid his blessed hands on him, when of course the cure can and may take place immediately.

41,8. In this way everyone can convince himself, that in a trance even the otherwise most immature soul, even that of a child, can prophesy, because that soul is for the moment connected with its most spiritual life-germ. If at the end of the trance the innermost life- germ is returned to its resting place, the soul reawakens in its flesh, remembering absolutely nothing of the things which it has seen nor of the prophesies made. This proves that in no way can a soul become so corrupted that it can no longer be healed”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-41 Chapter