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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-42 Chapter

Chapter 42 - The Lord announces a practical example of somnambulism.

42,1. (The Lord:) "So that you can see this in its practical application, I shall now arrange for such a very ignorant and evil man to come here from Caesarea Philippi. He shall be treated in this way by one of you, and you will see and hear what amazing wisdom this man will reveal when in the trance. But as soon as he wakes up, for us he will be the same evil and foolish man he was before, and we will have quite a task to teach him a better concept of God and men in a natural way."

42,2. Cyrenius says: “Lord! I am exceedingly glad about this and we will surely be able to experience and learn a great deal! Is this man already on its way here?”

42,3. I say: “Yes; he is looking for you and will ask you very clumsily for support as he lost a hut, two sheep, one goat and a donkey in the blaze. But he heard that you are here and that you provide aid to those in distress, and therefore this otherwise quite ignorant person is on his way here to ask you to recompense him for the damages he has suffered. Although a poor wretch, he did not suffer too much; since he stole the two sheep from someone else two days before the fire, and the donkey and the goat had already become his property a year ago in a very similar manner.

42,4. From this information you can gather that our new arrival is something of a wicked scoundrel, but at the same time also quite obviously stupid, a condition in such people which stems from their blind animal greed. He could very easily have saved his hut with all his belongings; but during the fire he stealthily went round everywhere, unlawfully stealing whatever he could find. However, he did not find anything and when he sullenly returned home, he found his hut spectacularly in flames and his four animals already burnt to a heap of bones.

42,5. Until today he waited disconsolately around his hut; but when he learned an hour age that you are present here for the reasons mentioned, he decided without giving it too much thought, to come here and see for himself whether you were really present and whether you would also actually pay compensation for his losses.

42,6. I have sketched his character for you a little so that you know in advance the type of person you will shortly have to deal with and how you will have to behave at least in the beginning. You will gain a better picture of the man himself after you have met him.”

42,7. Cyrenius then asked: “Should I arrange for him to receive any compensation?”

42,8. I say: “Not now, since you must first get your teeth into him in true Roman style. Only after the treatment, and if he becomes a little more human, can the other matter be arranged! However it should be Zinka who gives him the treatment as he possesses the most power to complete it. I will lay My hands on Zinka beforehand, so that he will have additional power to carry through the treatment successfully.”

42,9. And Zinka, who was next to Me all the time not to miss one single syllable, came forward and said: “Lord, how will I be able to accomplish the task, since I am not familiar enough with the details of the treatment?”

42,10. I say to him “Place the right hand on the forehead and the left on the pit of his stomach and he will soon sink into the trance as described before. He will also start to speak, but in a weaker voice than his natural one! If you wish to awaken him again, then you only have to lay your hands on him again in the reverse positions, leaving them there for a few moments. As soon as he awakes, you remove your hands and the treatment is over!”

42,11. Zinka now agrees with everything, fully and firmly believes that he will succeed, and is eager for his man to arrive. He still asks Me, however, if he should carry out the treatment immediately after he appears on the scene or if he should wait for a sign from Me.

42,12. I say: “I will indicate to you when something should happen. First you have to be familiar with his stupidity and rough character, by which I mean the significant characteristics of the illness of his soul. Once you have studied this sufficiently, it is only then time to observe his soul in a healthy state and to recognize from this, that no person, however apparently destitute, should be judged by mankind and condemned into absolute perdition, so long as every soul harbours a healthy life-germ inside it. Prepare yourselves, however, and pay attention as he will soon be here!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-42 Chapter