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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-45 Chapter

Chapter 45 - Zorel has to hear the truth.

45,1. With his eyes widening, Cyrenius says confidentially to Me:- “Lord! You earlier told me by way of introduction that this person is quite stupid and evil, but now he is speaking in such an organized way, as if he were one of the first gentile advocates! He has not adopted a great deal from Judaism, but he is just as conversant with our laws and those of the old Greek empire as one of us, and there is not much to say in objection! All the time I have been waiting for an obvious stupidity; but in vain - he only becomes more lucid and defends his theft in a way that allows very little to be said against it! Against this background, what should be done with him?”

45,2. Says I: “Leave it at that; he himself will reject in a very striking manner everything which he now regards as completely reasonable according to his very stupid, evil way of thinking! Examine him just a little more; since it is quite important to Me, that you learn to distinguish properly between reasons originating from native wit, as men call it, and those which stem from the reasoning of the mind!”

45,3. Cyrenius says: “Now I am extremely curious to know what the end of this will be!”

45,4. Zorel asks: “Noble Roman lord! What can I expect and count on? Do you share my opinion or should I adopt yours, which you of course have not yet put forward?”

45,5. Says Cyrenius: “We still have to discuss a few issues before I will grant your request or reject it! You seem to have the native wit of an owl and your honesty does not appear to be superficial! Put aside for the moment, whether you have found the four animals in question wandering around the forest, lost to their lawful owner or perhaps somewhere else, and whether you only found your other household tools. Let me now tell you something else and that is, that here in my company, and also in other places there are clairvoyants, who have already proven their ability thousands of times, and that I attach such belief to their extremely sober pronouncements, to the extent that my belief could not be weakened by one hundred thousand counter-proofs!

45,6. Look here, one of these people told me, even before you could have left the city, that you would come, and what you would request from me. Before even seeing you, I already knew that misfortune had befallen you. You could however easily have prevented it if you had stayed at home; but your illegal view of property protection laws, drove you into the streets of the burning town to give you the chance to obtain something somewhere illegally. In the meantime your straw-hut caught fire and this quickly destroyed your unlawful possessions. The fact that your maid took the opportunity and left you in the mire is understandable, since she knows you and knows that you are a person who can not be trusted in such circumstances.

45,7. However much you are against legal private ownership, in your home you wish to rely completely on them and to be fully assured of. Now, the fire has illegally destroyed your property, and you can not call the elements to be accountable, since the fire will not give you any reasons or answers. You would however have come down hard on your maid and under all kinds of maltreatment you would have claimed from her full restitution of your losses on pain of life or death, since you would have implacably insisted, that the fire destroyed everything only because of her negligence.

45,8. Look here, not only this but also other things were said about you by these people in advance. I believe them to the full, more than I would believe all the gods of Rome and Athens! But in our legal system, we have a saying: Audiator et altera pars! ( the other party is also to be heard!) And according to this you are allowed to put forward counter-evidence. To justify yourself, tell me everything you know and understand. I will listen to everything with the greatest patience!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-45 Chapter