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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-46 Chapter

Chapter 46 - Zorel asks for permission to leave without hindrance.

46,1. After thinking a little Zorel says: “Noble commander! If you already claim in advance to prefer to believe one of your most proven clairvoyants rather than a hundred thousand other witnesses, then I really want to know, what good it will serve if I give you my response which will in any event be regarded as coming from an insane mind! Against your unchangeable conviction based on whatever reasons, it is no longer possible to provide you with any counter-evidence. In addition you hold great power in your hands! Who could start to argue with you?!

46,2. What use is it to me if I were to tell you most convincingly, that the facts are not as you present them? You will bring and introduce the clairvoyant to me, who will again tell me to my face what you already have told me. I will then be left with my reply to sit in the puddle of all puddles. In a word, with your faith in more than one hundred thousand people, there is nothing further to be done, than to acknowledge it good-naturedly as you still will believe the clairvoyant rather than a hundred thousand proofs put forward to you by me! In reply to your preliminary statement I can say nothing else than:- Noble commander, forgive me that I have approached you!

46,3. Moreover, I still stand by my principle that private ownership protected by laws with sharp teeth is a thousand times worse for human society than property which is freely communal! I have already expressed my reasons for saying that this is a real Pandora’s box and therefore do not require to repeat them. I will only add that in future, because of the annoying insistence of the rough foreign power, I will abandon the practice of my principle!

46,4. Indeed, I do not see any good for poor mankind in ownership protection laws, which basically run counter to common sense. What can a single person, clothed in the most wretched rags, achieve against a hundred thousand times a hundred thousand?! Could it be that lesser evils arising in communal property through legal occupation can be removed on the basis that every evil also brings some good with it. However any redress for lesser evils does not measure up to the horrors which arise and must arise from the flawed private ownership system!

46,5. I have therefore finished speaking. Under the prevailing circumstances I certainly can not anticipate any good outcome and with your merciful approval it will therefore be better if I leave. But only with your approval, of course! According to the similar accusations against me, which appear to be true and known to the gods, and of which you have been fully informed by your clairvoyants, I am standing before you as a criminal whose crimes must be punished before releasing him again. The faun must be saturated with the blood of a poor beggar before his freedom is granted anew!

46,6. If I stand before you as a guilty criminal according to your judgement, then punish me immediately, giving me my freedom again or death! It does not matter to me any more, because I stand before you completely defenceless. You Romans are and will remain boring administrators of the law and nobody can protect his reason or his needs from the revenge of your laws! Tell me. Noble commander, may I depart again as I arrived, or must I wait here to be sentenced to some punishment?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-46 Chapter