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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-47 Chapter

Chapter 47 - The preparatory requirements for the somnambulant treatment.

47,1. Says Cyrenius in a serious but nevertheless humane soft voice: “You are not allowed to depart. However, the reason you have to stay is not to await punishment, but only for your own welfare! We Romans have never derived any pleasure from the punishment of sinners, only from their true and complete repentance. If this can be achieved without beating them with a painful stick, we would greatly prefer this alternative! We only take up the stick, if all other means fail. Nobody is therefore called to account the first time they break a valid current law. This only happens if he repeatedly commits the same crime either negligently or through destructive obstinacy. Someone who repeatedly commits a crime wantonly, must also be similarly punished!

47,2. According to your old Spartan principles you only have sinned out of need and stand in front of a judge for the first time! Based on this fact alone, you will not be damned and condemned but you must discard your evil and stupid principles! Your sick soul will be cured and you must recognize the benefit of wise laws and then begin to act accordingly. Only then will you return home as a completely free man, and you will feel great joy, because you will have become a truly pure and free man.

47,3. But for healing to be effective, a pure, physically and spiritually strong member of our company will lay his healing hands on your head and your chest Only this extremely tender treatment can awaken and energise the dormant concepts inside you, permitting you to recognise the positive effects of the well-organized and cleverly drafted Roman laws and you will even be pleased about it! Are you in agreement?”

47,4. Zorel says, somewhat more cheerfully than before: “Noble lord and commander! I already accept any outcome that is not called beating, decapitation or even crucifixion! However, whether this treatment will improve me and convince me of more reasonable principles, I am not completely sure. In the same way, an ancient tree can not so easily be bent over. But I do not want to doubt the possibility completely! Where is the man who will lay his strong hands on me?”

47,5. Cyrenius asks Me quietly if the time has come.

47,6. I say to him: “Just a little more patience; give the soul a little more time to digest the situation! This person is now full of excited thoughts and it would be difficult to put him into a healing trance. Further, Zinka can not be pointed out to him as the one who has been chosen until the time is absolutely right! I will give you a sign.”

47,7. After I had spoken these words and after My orders had been received, everyone was quiet for a time, while our Zinka waited with anxious joy for My signal to treat Zorel. The patient was busy with all kinds of thoughts regarding what they seriously planned to do with him, whether good or bad. Examining all our faces carefully, he said to himself: ‘No, I do not detect any cunning in these people and I feel I can trust them! They are only capable of good deeds, never of evil ones!’

47,8. Now, this preparation was by its nature necessary before the proposed treatment, since without it, the laying-on of hands by Zinka would be a fruitless exercise. During these procedures the patient himself must enter a state of faith and trust, without which it would otherwise not be possible to induce a healing trance even with all possible human resources and even in the presence of an overwhelming flood of spiritual power.

47,9. Oh yes, it is completely different with people who are born of the Spirit in their entirety, then reborn in the Spirit! They only require, just as I do, their will to be stimulated and the process of healing is accomplished! However, with people who are not yet fully reborn, the treatment of a sick person must be preceded by awakening and reactivating the invalid beforehand, otherwise - as I have said - the whole treatment will be a wasted effort and a thankless task.

47,10. Now our Zorel is quite ready and soon I will give Zinka a signal to lay hands on him

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-47 Chapter