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Chapter 5 - Cornelius' doubts.

5,1. On hearing My words, everyone immediately carries out My instructions, - but most of them quite reluctantly, since they would have liked to observe the miracle from close quarters; but no one dares to make any comment to Me. We walk to our tables and sit down and serve ourselves the fish, which this time were tastily prepared and we eat in a joyful mood.

5,2. This time My Jarah especially is in a good mood and says: “I really do not know why it is, that I am in such a good mood today. But I also have noticed something else, and that is that not all the others are in such a good mood as I am! I am of course a girl and should have been tormented by curiosity more than others, - but this time it is just the opposite! The men are constantly peeping over there to see whether the nine have already awakened. Until now I have not peeped once ; nevertheless, I already have seen them walking away, one after the other, - while the men and lords and kings continue to look and ask themselves in their souls, if the men have really come to life again? Oh yes, even about half-an-hour ago! Immediately after we arrived at the tables, the nine started to stir and one after the other rose from the ground, rubbed the sleep from their eyes and left at once. I observed this very easily through the trees which partially cover the view from here to that particular place, because I am small and I can easily look underneath the branches; but you are tall, and the branches block your view of the wonder of the power of the divine will. But now it is already too late; even if you went there, you would find nothing more perhaps than the places, where the nine were lying. Also those the Lord had already awakened yesterday shortly after the storm left with the nine for home.”

5,3. Kornelius says: “But you have very good eyes and notice everything. If everything is done, then everything is in order, and we need nothing more than the secure successful conclusion of those matters which the Lord arranges and requires. Only one isolated failure would raise doubts among uncertain believers. Did you really see the nine getting up and walking away?”

5,4. Jarah replies somewhat excitedly: “Now then, I hope no one sees me as a liar!? As long as I have lived and been capable of thought, never ever did a lie pass my lips, - and here at the side of my Lord, my God and most true Master, do you expect me to lie for the first time in order to dispel your curiosity?! If so, then you, noble lord, do not in the least know Jarah! Look how the lie remains in the mind, still so vivid, if you have explained something to someone from your understanding, as it made sense to you; but if your made-sense-to-you was utterly wrong, your explanation is a complete falsehood, - because you have misled both yourself and your neighbour. But true and pure love never lies and can not lie, since it honours its neighbour as another child of God, more than it honours itself; but it honours God above all things! I am however full of love for God and therefore also for my neighbour - and you think I am able to provide you with wrong information?! Noble Kornelius, this misjudgement coming from you was not courteous”

5,5. Says Cornelius: “But, fairest Jarah, never ever did I mean it in such a way! I asked you, because it is a completely normal way of asking, without in any way thinking that you would have told me something which is untrue! Ask the Lord Himself, who surely knows what goes on in my mind, if I intended to extract a lie from you, most guileless and loveliest of girls. The nine have been awakened by the will of the Lord and have also already departed according to the will of the Lord, and the whole matter is therefore concluded. I asked you my somewhat clumsy question as a reflex action and without thinking. - Will you be cross with me for that?”

5,6. Says Jarah: “Oh not at all, but in future you must think about your questions more carefully! But now let us talk about something else; since we have talked long enough of unimportant matters!”

5,7. Say Kornelius and Cyrenius: “Yes, yes, you are absolutely right; every minute which we spend on idle chatter, is lost time if the Lord is with us! Let us give the Lord alone the honour of determining and arranging something!”

5,8. I reply: “Let us leave it at that; we now have time for fishing and want to provide Markus with ample stock! After midday, however, something else will come up!”

5,9. Old Markus, who overheard Me, immediately instructed his sons to prepare the necessary boats; because the fish in the large container in the lake, fenced off in the water, had suffered considerably during yesterday’s storm.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-5 Chapter