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Chapter 50 - The purified soul gets clad.

50,1. At this moment a break occurs in Zorel’s monologue, and Zinka asks: “How does he see all this and how does he walk through water while still lying motionless as if he were dead?!”

50,2. I say: “His soul now only sees the circumstances leading to his betterment and this causes an image of another world to form in the mind of his soul. This, which you would here call thought transfer, appears in the kingdom of the soul as an actual movement from one place to another.

50,3. The pond which originated from his tears and the waters which healed his soul represent his remorse for sins committed, and his bathing in that water indicates true repentance stemming from remorse. The clear water indicates justifiable recognition of his sins and shortcomings; and the expansion of the pond into a lake represents the more powerful wish to be cleansed and healed from within himself. The beautiful grass under the water represents the hope of achieving full health and the higher free grace of God. This has already made its appearance on the other shore still some distance away which I Myself represent in the Spirit and in the Will. The movement toward Me through the waters of true remorse and repentance indicates the progress of the soul to true betterment.

50,4. But all this is only a parallel manifestation for the benefit of his soul, from which the soul can see its own structure and what it is planning and doing in its mind to improve itself. Of course this state only exists in the will and there is no real external activity. This may only follow, when the soul is awakened and fully reunited to the body again.

50,5. Soon he will be with Me and will begin to speak again. Just pay close attention; everything he will say now complies with the state of his inner soul! There still will appear to be some confusion until he reaches the third stage, which is a temporary connection with his pure life-germ.

50,6. In the third stage you will be able to convince yourself how coherently and wisely he can speak! At the moment only his purified soul is speaking; but during the third stage he will speak from his spirit! Then you will not detect any further discrepancy and his words will inspire a warm feeling around your hearts!

50,7. He now comes to the shore and says: ‘Ah! That was quite an exacting trip! Now I’m with you, noble friend! Do you have a shirt for me? You see, I am dreadfully ashamed of my nakedness!

50,8. I say to him from My spirit and will now visible to him: ‘Get out of the water; you will be dressed to suit the nature of your actions!’

50,9. Zorel’s soul says: ‘ My friend, please do not speak about my actions; since they are vain, wrongful and evil! If I receive clothes accordingly, then they will have to have a terrible black and ragged appearance!’

50,10. I say: ‘If so, then there is plenty of water here to wash them until they are white!’

50,11. Zorel says: ‘Oh, my friend, that is like trying to wash a black man until he is white! That will not end well! But any clothes are better than none at all. I will therefore get out of the water!’

50,12. By My feet lies a toga which is heavily pleated but very dirty, although the basic colour is greyish white, a peculiarity of the gentile dress colour in the spirit world. He takes up the toga and is disgusted by its dirty state which is actually a good sign. He nevertheless picks it up, runs with it to the water and starts to rub and rinse and finally wrings it dry.

50,13. He has now finished washing and the toga is clean. Since it is still moist, he does not have the courage to put it on. But I indicate to him that he nevertheless should wear it as he previously did not mind the water, therefore why should he now feel distaste for a slightly damp toga?! Now he says - just listen as he will say it loudly! -:”

50,14. Zorel: “This is true! Earlier the whole lake did not bother me, and now this damp shirt should somehow harm me? Onto my body with it! Ah, that feels good!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-50 Chapter