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Chapter 51 - The ethereal body of the soul with its senses.

51,1. Now Zinka makes a question in his mind and says to himself: “Does the soul also have a body?”

51,2. Zinka asked this question since he himself did not have the slightest idea how the soul looks and what it is made of. This is because the general Jewish concept of a soul was that they imagined it to be a sort of misty void and they considered the soul to be a pure spirit with a mind and a will, but certainly with no shape or even less a body.

51,3. Therefore Zinka’s eyes widened when Zorel gave him an answer to his unspoken question: “Of course the soul does have a body, however only an ethereal one. However that body is nevertheless a perfect body for its soul, just as the flesh is the perfect flesh for its body. The soul’s body has every characteristic that is present in the body made of flesh. Of course you can not see this with the physical eyes in your flesh, but I can see, hear, feel, smell and taste everything as the soul too has the same senses as the body so that it can communicate between body and soul.

51,4. The senses of the body are the lead reins in the hands of the soul by means of which it controls its body in the outer world. If the body were not to have these senses, it would be totally unusable and an intolerable burden on the soul.

51,5. Just consider a person who is completely blind and deaf, who would not therefore feel pain or the comfort of good health, and who might also not have any sense of smell or taste. Think for yourself if a body like that would be of any use to a soul! With its otherwise complete and clear consciousness, would not that soul utterly despair?

51,6. In the same way the sharpest sense perception of a body would mean nothing to a soul, if the soul were not to possess exactly the same senses in its own ethereal body! As the soul possesses the same senses as the body, it feels easily and precisely with its own sensitive senses the sensations that the senses of the body have initially absorbed from the outer world. Now you know the way in which the soul is also a physical presence.

51,7. Now you know since I have told you, how I see and feel it and how I am sensitive to it bodily. Once I awake again, you will still remember it but I will know nothing of it, because I see, feel and share sensations with it only through the delicate senses in my soul, but not simultaneously with the senses of my body.

51,8. If I were to observe everything here also with the senses in my body, certain features would become embedded in the nerves of my brain and on the vital nerves in my physical heart and I, as the soul, would then find them again in the flesh that is my body and recognise them completely. But I now I stand here completely unfettered by and almost unconnected to my own body. I am therefore not able to leave any impression or retrospective influence on the senses in my body, I will not remember anything at all about the things I now see, hear, feel and say or anything that is happening to me now, after I have re-entered my body.

51,9. But also the soul has the ability to remember and accordingly can recall every most minute and most unimportant detail about anything which happened in its presence - but it can do this only in its unfettered state. However if it enclosed in its completely dark body, which dampens down everything spiritual, it can only see, hear and feel coarse, overpoweringly intrusive and undefined impressions. With regard to itself it barely knows of its own existence except insofar as it is conscious that it is there, ignoring the fact that it would recognise any higher and deeper spiritual impressions which dwell within it.

51,10. You also have a soul, just as I myself am now a complete unfettered soul; but you also knew very little or nothing about yourself. This is caused by the dark flesh which encases every soul for a period of time. Only now, because I have made some impressions on the nerves at the back of your mind using the voice from the mouth of my living body and because you as a soul can use these impressions to read these same primordial features in yourself, you now know also as a soul and not just as flesh, that you have a soul and that, based on your thoughts and desires, you are yourself a soul, which in its being as an ethereal body, has the same form as your own body now possesses.

51,11. However, do not be surprised if I tell you that when I later wake up again in my earthly life, I will know nothing of what I have said now; since I have already explained the reason for that!”

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