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Chapter 52 - Zorel's soul on the path to renunciation.

52,1. (Zorel:) “Now my friend is saying to me: ‘Come, Zorel, leave here and I will take you to another place!’

52,2. I am now leaving with my good friend and going further away from the water. We are strolling now through a splendid avenue and the trees are bowing before the one I am following. He must be someone important in the kingdom of all the spirits! Oh, some of the trees nearly break when they bow excessively as he passes!

52,3. You, Zinka, are also accompanying us, but you are a nebulous figure and do not seem to notice how the trees make obeisance to my friend! That is somewhat unusual for this world, but it is nevertheless true!

52,4. How very strange! Now the trees are even starting to talk! They call out strongly in a very audible whisper: ‘Hail to the Holiest of the Holy, hail to the great King of Kings from eternity to eternity!’

52,5. Do you not think that this is highly remarkable?! I find it annoying that you still pretend that you have noticed nothing or that it is a very ordinary occurrence like bitter rain falling on the earth!

52,6. Oh, yes, the friend to whom the trees bow and offer their praise, tells me that this image following us which is similar to you, is not in fact you but only a shadowy outline of your soul and that it only becomes visible in our atmosphere. Radiating from your soul there are certain beams of life, similar to those from a light; which, as soon as they touch our atmosphere, form an image in a similar manner. They were like the rays of light radiating from a person falling in daylight onto the surface of a mirror and therefore also immediately forming an image of the person from whom the rays originated.

52,7. I will look only at your feet and convince myself that you are not walking but just hovering beside us. It is true - you are not moving your feet, nor your hands, but are nevertheless following us at a distance of about seven good steps! Yes, now I understand why you can not see the trees as they bow or hear their wondrous whispering!

52,8. The avenue is becoming narrower and narrower, and the trees are getting smaller, but standing closer together. However the bowing and whispering does not cease for that reason. The path is also becoming ever more difficult. The avenue is now so narrow and the path so full of thorns and bushes that we only make progress with great difficulty! The end is still not in sight, although our companion says, that the path will shortly finish and that we will have reached our destination. Oh, now the thickets are becoming quite dense and the surface quite stony with every crevice between the stones filled with thorns and thistles so that it is almost impossible to make any progress whatsoever!

52,9. I ask our friend, why we have chosen such a hopelessly bad path. But he says: ‘Just look to right and left and on both sides you will see bottomless sea! This is the only solid tongue of land, although it is very narrow and thorny towards the end, which passes between two endless seas. It connects the whole of the earthly world with the great lands in the beyond called Paradise which receive those who are blessed. Anyone wishing to go there, must accept this path since it is the only one!

52,10. You see, Zinka, such was the strange answer given to me by the friend guiding me in my insignificance! I ask him again saying: ‘On earth there are also many bad roads, but people help each other by taking up picks, hammers and shovels to repair the surface. Why is this not done here?’

52,11. But the friend says: ‘The reason is because this immense thicket protects this tongue of land from the very powerful storms on the sea! If this land bridge was not protected by this dense and stable undergrowth, it would have long since been washed away by the mighty waves from the seas on both sides. Because this thorny thicket is so closely knit, especially towards both shore lines, the strong waves break against it and their foam is deposited between the dense twigs and in time becomes rock hard. In this way this important tongue of land becomes stronger and stronger. This land bridge is called “humility and unwavering basic truth”. The two of them, humility and truth, have always been thorny subjects for people to grasp!’

52,12. Behold, Zinka, this is what the friend has said. Inside me it is becoming strangely bright and I have begun to notice that something is starting to stir in my heart. What is stirring is a light and the form of that light in my heart is like that of an embryo in its mother’s womb. It is completely pure as I see it. Now it is growing bigger and mightier! What a splendid and completely pure light this is! This is surely the true flame of life from God present in the true heart of man! Yes, yes, this is it! It is still growing continuously in me and it is so beneficial to me!

52,13. We are still strolling along the narrow path; but the undergrowth and thorns no longer bother me nor do I feel any pain if from time to time a thorn should sting or scratch me! Now the undergrowth is thinning, the trees are becoming larger again, while a splendid avenue is opening up before us. Then the undergrowth stops completely, the tongue of land widens, the shores of the seas recede further and further away from us and in the far distance I can already see a pleasant land with very beautiful mountains, while over the mountains the sun is rising in its morning glory! However, we are still inside the avenue which is becoming larger and wider, while the now very large tall trees have still not stopped bowing their majestic crowns before my friend and guide and their whispering now sounds as if it came from splendid, most perfectly tuned harps!

52,14. O Zinka! There, yes there, there it is already indescribably beautiful! But you are still hovering beside us, still silent as before, but you are of course unable to do otherwise since it is not you, only your fleeting image. Oh, if only you could see it as well and also remain mindful of the good features when you return to your earthly life, what an unforgettable person you would be! I could also be too one if some part of all that were to remain in my memory but that will not happen. However, the friend says that in time a living memory of everything will be restored to me; but before that the thorny road will reveal itself to me and I must walk it in the flesh.”

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