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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-53 Chapter

Chapter 53 - Zorel in paradise.

53,1. (Zorel:) “Ah, my inner light of life is becoming tremendously strong and it has already pervaded all my vital organs! Oh, how good this light is for my whole being! I am seeing it now in the form of a four year old child with an extraordinarily friendly look on its face! It must also be very wise; since its image is like that of a small god, clearly defined It is not like one of the imaginary gods of the Egyptians, Greeks or Romans, but more a wondrous effigy of the true God of the Jews! It is a depiction of true divinity!

53,2. Oh, now I can see very clearly that there is only one true God; but only those who have a perfectly pure heart will see His holy face! For me it will be quite difficult to succeed in seeing Him as my heart was already desperate in its impurity! You will, friend Zinka, because I can not detect any flaws in your heart except the spot and the thread which are the necessary means through which you must remain connected to the world for some time!

53,3. But now I can see the wide end of the avenue will end quite some distance away from here. There is no sign of the sea any more, but everywhere there is the most lush and very beautiful land with garden after garden and everywhere the most beautiful houses and palaces are to be seen! Oh, this is indescribable splendour!

53,4. My friend says that this is by no means a heaven, but it is Paradise. No mortal has succeeded in entering heaven as yet; because no bridge has yet been built. All the good mortals who have lived on earth since the beginning of creation are here with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Those high mountains form the border of this wonderful magnificent land. Someone who climbed those mountains would see heaven with hosts of God’s angels but nobody would be able to enter until a firm bridge had been built for ever over the bottomless abyss.

53,5. We are walking now as fast as the wind. The figure of light within me is already as big as an eight year old boy, and it appears to me that the thoughts which emanate from it are permeating my whole being with the speed of lightning. I can feel how incomprehensibly sublime and deep they are, but I still do not grasp the forms which they adopt. Something wondrous must be there! Every flash of thought that is emitted causes me an indescribable feeling of joy! Such a sensation is unknown to the whole world, which does not have the ability to experience it! The whole world is only God’s court of gracious judgement, but it is nevertheless a court and in the best of them happiness is always distributed meagrely.

53,6. Now we are approaching quite closely to the high mountains and the view becomes increasingly splendid! What an indescribable multiplicity of miracles on top of miracles! To describe them all, a thousand lifetimes would not suffice!

53,7. Look how a countless number of the most beautiful people are living on the mountains! It seems however that they have do not noticed the two of us, by which I mean my dear friend and I, for when they walk past us always with quick and happy steps, they do not give any sign they can see us, while even the trees are openly continuing to bow to my friend! These people are indeed strange spirits!

53,8. Aha, aha, at this moment we have reach the summit of one of the high mountains! O God, o God, there we stand now and I particularly resemble a real ox in this place! I see increasingly more clearly in the farthest distance a vast, exceedingly bright horizon. That must be the beginning of God’s Heaven, which continually expands upwards for ever!

53,9. However between these two points an abyss yawns which is wider than the distance from the earth to the sun! A bridge must be built over it to the other side! With God everything like that is of course very possible!

53,10. But now the inner light within my person is as big as I am myself and I am strangely beginning to feel sleepy. My friend is telling me to rest on the green, sweet-smelling lawn so that I will now do!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-53 Chapter