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Chapter 54 - The relationship between body, soul and mind.

54,1. I say: “Look, he is only now entering the third stage; pay close attention to what he has to say!”

54,2. Cyrenius asks: “Lord, if Zorel falls asleep on this lawn which is invisible to us, what purpose will be served? Is this essential or could he enter the third stage without falling asleep at all?”

54,3. I say: “If a soul wishes to be pure, it could also go without any sleep; but as long as the soul is connected to the body by certain bonds, a particular numbing effect must be introduced before the changeover to the third stage into which the soul will transfer undetected. What Zorel’s soul has seen and spoken about in the second stage was all circumstantial with the exception of his own participation. Only in the third stage will the soul become truly clairvoyant, and what it will then say will be nothing but reality.”

54,4. Cyrenius asks: “What actually is this sleep? How and why does it originate?”

54,5. I say to him: “Is it really necessary for you to know? If you really must know, however, I will explain it to you. Please therefore listen!

54,6. If you are wearing a toga on your body together with trousers on your legs, as is the Greek custom, the toga and trousers become alive because of the movement of your body and this means they must submit to your will, just as the limbs of your body must submit to the will of your soul. If you should go in summer to take a bath, you take off your clothes, because you not need them in the bath. Shirt and trousers are necessarily at rest while you are in the bath, and are not activated nor do they move of themselves. When you get out of the bath again, your toga and trousers will immediately perform the same activities and movements as before and will so to speak be part of your life. But why did you take off your clothes to take a bath? Clearly because they were getting heavy and starting to depress you! But you were reinvigorated by the bath and your heavy clothes will afterwards feel feather light.

54,7. If your soul becomes tired and weak through the troubles of your day, that awakens its need for a revitalising and strengthening rest. The tired soul then firstly removes its jointed covering of flesh, enters the restorative bath of spiritual water and bathes, cleans and strengthens itself. When its strength returns, it again puts on its covering of flesh and moves its heavy limbs again with the greatest of ease.

54,8. But now you surely have seen or rather vividly observed as Zorel spoke, that within his soul another inner source of light started to shine from the heart of his soul and that his soul stands in the same relationship to this light as the physical body to the soul. Now, the being that was the light source in his soul with its jointed covering of flesh had never before received any strengthening whatsoever and it was lying in the heart of the soul like an egg in a woman before it receives stimulation, energy and a wake-up call from a male. As a result of this very treatment the true primordial life-germ became stimulated, energised and awakened for a moment by My own and Zinka’s words and when this had happened, it started to grow continuously for as long a time as its entire soul, which is its garment, was filling with its pure spiritual being.

54,9. But the soul, although having been purified as much as possible for the moment, still contains certain material parts within itself which are too heavy for the pure spirit to bear, as it has never been used to the burden of such a yoke before. This spirit person, which has been awakened in an artificially spiritual manner and forced to develop rapidly, is still much too weak to carry the ponderous soul and longs to rest and be strengthened. This apparent sleep taken by the soul on the mountain lawn is therefore nothing more than the spirit removing the most material parts of its soul. It only keeps everything that is similar to it in its soul, while the remainder must also rest in the meantime, just as the body rests silently while the soul regains its strength, or as the toga is at rest when you are pleasing your body in a revitalizing, strengthening bath.

54,10. During the strengthening of the nobler human sphere and the simultaneous resting of the coarser and less noble external parts, there nevertheless still remains a connection. If somebody were to come in while you were refreshing yourself in your bath, and were to remove your clothes and begin to destroy them, then your natural and obligatory love for your clothes would immediately call forth from you a loud and furious veto. There is an even closer connection between the body and the soul. Anyone wishing to remove a covering of flesh thus trying to destroy it prematurely, would be treated in a very strange way by the soul.

54,11. However, the bond connecting soul and spirit is much more tenacious, because the soul, especially if it is very pure, is itself a primordial spiritual element, and the spirit would make a very violent protest, if an attempt was made to tear away its body and covering completely. It would immediately fly into a towering rage and destroy everything daring to approach it.

54,12. But the soul must renounce all material things completely, until the spirit can attract that part of the spirit which they have in common so that they become a perfect ego together. The material aspect of the soul is visible to the spirit in the way that the soul is covered. You were there when Zorel spoke of a dirty toga, which he himself washed in the water, then wrung out and put on still wet. You can see that this garment is still the material external aspect of the soul, which must be removed and put to one side to rest, before the innermost, divine spiritual entity can fully embrace the soul to which it is now closely related and become one with.

54,13. It always requires a little time during the moment of transition, because everything belonging to the sphere of a free life, must first enter into a full relationship (a spiritual marriage) with the new and more noble being, before the new person or the new, heavenly being can itself start to feel, think, see, listen, smell, taste and act independently. The necessary spiritual transfer takes place in the numbing sleep and when the transfer is finished, the new being is complete and never again will it require any further intervention to ensure continuation of its completely pure spiritual existence.

54,14. In this condition a person is then totally perfect and his being can not become more perfect except in its recognition and urge to perfect continuously his most pure love and his knowledge of the wisdom of the heavens. When these are combined with the organising, ruling and guiding power of entire infinity, there is a continual expansion of eternity and therefore also the achievement of a state of bliss which is constantly elevated as a result of the ever-present higher love, wisdom and power.

54,15. Our Zorel will soon appear as a spirit person perfected in this way and he will inform us – still speaking in the flesh from his own mouth - of the completion of the process elevating him to the highest level attainable by a perfected human being. Just pay attention; soon he will start talking again!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-54 Chapter