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Chapter 55 - Zorel's insight into the Creation.

55,1. After I have given Cyrenius this explanation, Zorel, who during all this time has been lying motionless as if he were dead, begins to stir and to look like one transfigured, so much so that even the Roman soldiers present are awe-inspired and one of them says: "This man looks like a sleeping god."

55,2. Also Cyrenius remarks: "Truly, this is an indescribably sublime human image."

55,3. Now Zorel opens his mouth and says: "So it is that one who only now recognizes, loves and worships God is standing before Him perfected in his being."

55,4. After a short silence Zorel continues: "My whole being is now bathed in light and I do not see any shadow, whether within me or without, for everything around me is light too. But in all this light I see also a most holy light; it shines like a mighty sun and within it is the Lord.

55,5. Until now I had thought of my friend and guide as a human soul like ourselves, but in my previous state I was still very much deluded. Only now do I recognize the guide. He is no longer with me, but in that sun there I see the One Who is holy, supremely holy. Countless hosts of the most perfected spirits of light are floating around this sun in close, wider and very wide circles. What supreme majesty! Oh mankind, to see God and love Him above all is a supreme delight, the greatest of beatitudes!

55,6. However, I am not only seeing all the Heavens, my eyes are also penetrating into the depths of the creations by the almighty, sole, majestic God. I can see right through this our poor earth with all its continents and islands. I see the bottom of the seas and everything which lies and exists below - all the numerous sea creatures from the very minute to the very large. What an infinite variety they represent!

55,7. I also see the grass being grown by all sorts of lively and active little spirits. I see how the will of the Almighty urges them to be diligent and I see which duty or task has been assigned to each of their countless number. Like bees in their combs of wax, these little spirits are working on and in the trees and shrubs, the grass and plants. They are doing all this because they are gripped by and suffused with the will of the One Who was my friend and guide on the narrow and thorny path of the trail of my life’s self-appraisal which leading directly to this place and Who now dwells in the inaccessible sun as if he were immersed in His own most holy eternal light, sending forth His will into all infinity.

55,8. Yes, He alone is the Lord and there is no one like Him! Great and small must obey His will. There is nothing in all infinity that would be able to oppose Him. His power surpasses all other and His wisdom is unquestionable. All that exists stems from Him, and there is nothing in the endless space of creation that has not originated from Him.

55,9. I see the forces which emanate from Him just as in the morning one sees the rays of the rising sun spread in all directions at lightning speed. Wherever a ray reaches and touches something, it begins to stir, to live and to move, and soon new forms and shapes emerge. But the human form is the boundary marker and keystone of all shapes, and man is the true celestial image, for the entire heaven whose limits are known only to God is also a man, and every host of angels also represents a perfect man.

55,10. This is one of God's great mysteries, and anyone who is not on the same spiritual plane as I am now cannot possibly comprehend it; for only the purest divine spirit within man can comprehend and see that which is of the spirit, what lies within it and what without, how it exists or comes into being and why and for what purpose. There is nothing in all infinity that is not there for the benefit of man; everything is aimed at man and his needs at different times and in different phases of his development."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-55 Chapter