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Chapter 56 - The nature of man and his creative destiny.

56,1. (Zorel); "God Himself is the supreme and most perfect original man, that is, this man is within himself a fire whose essence is love, a light whose essence is intelligence and wisdom, and a warmth whose essence is life itself in the fullest scope of its self-awareness. As the intensity of the fire increases, so does that of the light, and the all-creating warmth grows mightier within the light and radiates for great distances, bringing creation to remote places in the same way as it does within itself. The new creations continue to absorb more and more light and warmth and they shine and unceasingly continue to spread outwards from the original fire, the original light and the original warmth, increasingly pervading the infinite expanse of creation for ever.

56,2. Thus everything originates from the unique primordial being of God and continues its self-development until it resembles the primordial being of primordial Man; in which image it then exists in completely independent freedom in human form created by God, and man himself is just like a God in his obligatory and necessary exemplary friendship with primordial God, since he is identical to the primordial God Himself.

56,3. Where you can see light, fire and warmth, man is either in his perfected state or at his starting point. Billions of atoms of light, fire and warmth cocoon themselves and produce forms. The individual forms embrace each other anew, cocoon themselves into larger forms which already correspond more to man’s image, and in that state each one transforms itself into a being. This being now begins to produce more fire, light and warmth and as this happens, a greater need for a higher, more perfect form makes itself evident. The numerous forms, which are nevertheless more perfected in themselves, burst their outer skin apart, embrace each other again and use the material substance of each of their wills to cocoon themselves again, this time in a higher and more complete form. This continues until the perfection of man is reached, and then man continues his own development until he reaches the state in which I am now, and he therefore then completely resembles the three primordial elements - fire, light and warmth. All of that which is there is God, whom I now see with an unwavering eye in His primordial light, with His undiminished fire and His all-pervading warmth – He who alone is the only God from eternity to eternity.

56,4. Man is therefore firstly a man out of God and only then a man out of his own being. For as long he is only out of God, he resembles an embryo in the mother’s womb. It is only if he becomes a man out of his own being according to God’s ordinance, that he is then a perfect man, because only in this way can he adopt the true image of God. If he has succeeded in that aspiration, he then remains as a God for eternity and himself becomes a creator of new worlds, beings and peoples. It is however peculiar that I can now review all my thoughts, emotions and desires, and my will is the same as an outer skin covering my thoughts and feelings! See how in this way creation continues to progress anew!

56,5. The feeling of warmth, and logically therefore love, has need of a being. However, the stronger the feeling becomes and the more flames and warmth are produced within itself, so the light from the flames also intensifies.

56,6. In the light the need for love expresses itself in shapes. But the shapes are formed and immediately die away again, in the same way as the images inside the eyelids of a person with closed eyes who has a feverish imagination. Instead, others come again constantly to replace them and they become larger, last longer and take on more defined shapes. With people transformed as I have been if only for a short time, the image remains because it is immediately captured by the mind and quickly given an outer skin to preserve its appearance unchanged. As this skin is however originally only very ethereal and insubstantial and therefore translucent, more light and warmth from the creator continues to permeate the now captive thought. This increases the thought’s own store of light and warmth, the two originating spiritual elements, and soon the captive thought begins to develop constantly in the light of wisdom and perfect understanding which organically arranges, as may be most necessary and purposeful, even the most unreal construction more clearly than the brightest day in all its essential parts, links and divisions. Once the thought has been correctly arranged, it begins to become conscious of the life within itself and starts to guide its own destiny.

56,7. It can easily be imagined, that someone who has been perfected can in a few moments think over and carefully organize a great variety of all kinds of thoughts and ideas. If he decides to protect them with his own will-power, they will survive and develop and in the end resemble the Creator in their naturally very high finite self-perfection and will procreate and rear their own kind and in so doing accomplish their endless self-reproduction in the same way they themselves came into being. Even the material world can provide tangible examples to prove that point.

56,8. Self-reproduction of the body is found in plants, animals, and humans. Celestial bodies also reproduce but limits have been placed on their number. A grain of seed from a given source only has a certain number of identical seeds allocated for reproduction and that number cannot be exceeded. This is also true of animals and in fact, the larger the animal, the more limited the number of offspring! This rule also applies to man and even more so to celestial bodies. However in the spirit world of perfected people, feelings and thoughts continue endlessly, just as with God. Since, in the way described above, each thought or idea can be protected by a skin at the wish of the creative spirit and could ultimately even become independent, it is obvious, that the eternal chain of reproduction of beings of all kinds can never come to an end.

56,9. Your mind, Zinka, is now questioning how all the endless multiplicity of beings created will find enough space, if creation continues to increase forever in such measure and complexity. Just think, my friend, that physical space itself is infinite and that you could at any moment create ten times a hundred thousand suns which would fly through space at top speed and then be lost forever in infinite space as if no sun had ever been created! Nobody, except God, can grasp the eternal infinity of space including even the greatest and most perfect of the angels who can not grasp the unfathomable depths of space and can only tremble before their infinity!

56,10. My friend, I can now see in my mind’s eye the complexity of material creation! This earth and its moon, the great sun and all the countless stars which you can see, some of which appear to your eyes as faintly shimmering specks, are in fact immeasurably large solar systems or global regions which contain billions upon billions of suns and an even larger number of planets. However they are fewer in number than the sum of all present creation, smaller than the tiniest and finest dust particle compared to the panoply of stars visible to you! I can also tell you, that among the many stars which your eye can see, quite a few have diameters many thousand times larger, than the length of a line drawn from one distant star itself barely visible to you to another star the same distance away in the opposite direction, a distance which, even if you were to reach the speed of lightning, would take you longer to travelthan a billion times a billion years on earth!

56,11. Even individual heavenly bodies are therefore of such an unfathomable size, and yet they appear to the naked eye as dimly lit specks, because of the excessive distance from here! Nevertheless, all of this compared to the scope of all creation, is, as said already, like the tiniest dust particle which can easily be carried by the rays of the sun! I say this to you: you can create one billion suns with all theirs planets, moons and comets and distribute them throughout this global solar system, and they will only be seen to restrict this space as little as one drop of water would noticeably enlarge the sea and or effect its wide seabed. There would be a billion times a billion globes encompassed in the present entirety of creation but that number is just as insignificant as a billion raindrops would be in the sea.

56,12. Look at the whole world! How many thousands of brooks, rivers and streams there are flowing into the sea, but despite this it does not expand one iota. Now imagine as many creations as you like piled on other creations every moment and see them swallowed up by infinite space, just as myriads on myriads of water droplets falling each moment into the sea lose themselves in it. Therefore you do not have to worry in a small-minded way about excessive creation for infinity always has sufficient space available for the infinite. God is powerful enough to control everything for ever and ultimately to guide everything to reach an overriding objective!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-56 Chapter