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Chapter 57 - Zorel's insight into the evolutionary processes of nature.

57,1. (Zorel:) “I can tell you even more, Zinka! Everything that you have ever thought, spoken or done on this earth since your youth, and also whatever you have thought, spoken or done in your soul’s previous existence, is written in the book of life. Your soul carries a copy of this in its head, but the master copy always remains wide open in front of God. Once you have been perfected, just as I am now standing perfected in front of God, you will again find all your thoughts, words and deeds faithfully recorded. The entries that are good will of course bring you great joy; but those concerning matters not in the best of order will not give you pleasure, but, as a perfected being, they will equally cause you no grief. This experience will enable you to recognise the great mercy and wise leadership which comes from God, and this will strengthen you in your pure love of God and in all your patient attitudes towards those poor, imperfect brothers, who will be entrusted to your guiding care by God the Lord, whether in this or any other world.

57,2. These your recorded thoughts may some day generate new creativity. Normally these recorded thoughts, words and deeds first give rise to larger or smaller earthly bodies. They are placed into the fire of the suns until they reach a certain maturity and when this has been attained, great force is used to guide them out into creative space and in time they are gradually left to their own development. In this newborn world the many thousands upon thousands of single thoughts and ideas constantly develop, supported by the life-giving fire and light within them - like seed which has been planted in the ground -, and their function in the new world is to serve as the foundation for the later origin of all kind of beings such as minerals, plants and animals. These souls will in time be transformed into human souls.

57,3. From time to time you now and then see these new worlds, for the most part as misty nebulous stars but also as shooting stars flying through space. Their primordial origin is the book of God with its records of thoughts, ideas, words and actions.

57,4. From this you can see, that even the slightest thought which ever occurred to any man, either on this or another earth, can not possibly ever become lost; while the spirits, from whose thoughts, words, ideas and actions a new world has been shaped by the will of God, soon recognise in their perfected state that a world of this kind is built on their thoughts, ideas, words and actions. With a great feeling of bliss they take pleasure in assuming responsibility for the guidance, management, development, total vitalization and purposeful internal organisation of the whole world body and ultimately of all objects and beings which will have to remain on it.

57,5. You now look at this earth and see nothing except substances which appear to be dead. I also see these apparently dead substances, but I see much more in them, than you can see with your eyes. My eyes take in the banned spiritual things and beings which have been banished and I feel their aspirations. I see, how their inner development continues to progress together with better and more defined configuration and evolution of their purpose designed shapes. Again I see countless spirits, some of them very small, who are incessantly on the move like the sand in a Roman hourglass. There is no talk of any rest, and by their incessant activity they promote the entirely purposeful existence of each and every natural life

57,6. I say this to you:- In each droplet of dew, trembling so brightly on the tip of a blade of grass, I can watch myriads of beings busying themselves in all directions as if in a sea! The water in the droplet is only the first and most common skin to enclose one of God’s thoughts. From this the little captive spirits within it remove their individual envelope and immediately then exist in a more defined form, which is already quite different from the common external form. However, this eliminates the droplet as a watery pearl and the newly formed shapes, which are already life-giving little cocoons, creep over the plants and other objects, onto which the water droplets have dropped. However, these cocoons embrace each other, are soon transformed to other shapes, and a hundred thousand become as one. A new skin encloses the new shape and within it the vast number of little shapes is converted, under the influence of the light and the warmth, into a useful organism in a new and bigger shape, and the new being begins a new activity in preparation for repeated transition into more and more highly developed forms, in each of which it again reactivates itself to induce the transformation to an even higher and more complete form. And in this way the visible activity of a being which has adopted a certain shape, is nothing else than the right preparation for the next higher, more perfect form in which the soul’s life will become increasingly stable and finally enter pure spiritual life in human form.

57,7. What I am telling you here is not a fantasy, but the purest eternal truth. I could still tell you many things about God’s divine order as I see it now with the clearest vision! However, I also realise now, that the process of this perfection is approaching its end. I must therefore add a request that, if I again become a very stupid person or one who annoys others, you will have patience with me and will lead me on the right path of the divine order of God which is now known to you. You will be most surprised when I awake in the earthly world, that I will be stupid and sinister again and will not know one single syllable of everything that has happened to me. Nevertheless it will all stand me in good stead.

57,8. For a while, my spirit has been forced to mature but it will tire of this unaccustomed strange state of affairs, remaining silent as it sleeps. My spirit will however soon be strengthened by this necessary rest, will awake and sense the immediacy of the real perfection of life whose sweet blessing it was able to taste. In this way it will be able to contribute substantially and more rapidly to the full development of the soul which will then quickly mature within the spirit in all truth and with the correct capability to integrate fully with the spirit which is now entering the soul.

57,9. I will fall asleep again for another half-an-hour, after which time you must waken me by laying on your hands in the reverse way. However, when I awake again you must not let me leave, until I have given full recognition to the supreme Man among all Men who sits at this table! For He is one with Him whom I still can see in the sunlight shining in the eternally vast spirit world.

57,10. My thanks to you for laying your hands on me!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-57 Chapter