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Chapter 58 - Judge not!

58,1. After uttering these words our Zorel slept peacefully again and Zinka said: “How much this person has revealed to us! If all this is true, then we have received knowledge which could only have been dreamt of with difficulty by any of the prophets! No, I am completely disconcerted by this man’s deep wisdom! No angel can possibly possess more profound wisdom!”

58,2. Cyrenius also says: “Yes, this man must be helped; since so many of the supreme wonders of Your divine order have been revealed here! The revelations of Mathael were important and gave me much cause for thought but the matters that this Zorel has revealed to us, are unheard of! It is almost unbelievable and unthinkable that these innermost pearls of wisdom can be expressed in human terms and made clearly understandable! Briefly, I am completely beside myself regarding this Zorel! If he could also say these things after awakening in his earthly flesh, I would seat him on a throne from which he could preach sublime truth to man, so that all of mankind could with greater certainty reach the true and perfect destination of their beings and lives!”

58,3. I say to him: “Very good, my friend Cyrenius! For the time being the prophecies in his third stage are not so important - although everything is absolutely true - but rather it is more appropriate that you should not in future break your stick on any person’s body, just because he is a sick soul. As all of you have now heard and felt, every soul, no matter how sick, harbours a very healthy life-germ and if that soul is healed by your brotherly efforts, you have made a profit which for eternity no world can pay to you! How useful can such a perfected person be! Who can gauge his influence?! You people do not know it, but I well know how much such trouble is worth the trouble!

58,4. I therefore say to you: Always be merciful even towards notorious sinners and criminals who violate your laws or those made by God! It is only possible for a sick soul to commit a sin, never for a healthy one, as such behaviour is impossible for a healthy soul in that a vice invariably has its origin in a sick soul.

58,5. Which of you people here can judge and punish a soul because of a violation of one of My commandments, since you are all subject to the same law?! One of My laws explicitly states, that you should not judge your fellow man (Matt. 07,01)! If you pass judgement on one of your neighbours who has broken one of My laws, you too are a sinner in the same measure against the law which forbids you to judge! How then can you, being a sinner yourself, judge and condemn another sinner?! Do you not know that, in condemning your brother to harsh atonement when his soul is sick, you have passed doubly harsh condemnation on yourself, which, if present circumstances are not appropriate, will one day be carried through on yourself?!

58,6. If one among you is a sinner, he should resign as a judge because if he passes judgement on someone, he condemns himself to twofold punishment, from which he will recover with greater difficulty than the person he judged and condemned. Can a blind man ever act as guide for someone else and put him on the right path?! Or can one deaf person tell another deaf person something about the effects of harmonics in the music performed with such purity by David? Or can one disabled person say to another: ‘Come here, you poor man, and I will take you to the inn!?’ Will not both of them soon lose their footing and fall into a ditch?!

58,7. Therefore remember this above all that you should not judge anyone and you should also ensure that also those who will one day become your disciples take this lesson to heart! By practising this My teaching, you will make angels out of people, but if you do not follow my teaching you will create devils and judges against yourselves.

58,8. It is true that nobody on this earth is perfect but the one who ought to be more perfect in his mind and in his heart, is the one acting as guide and doctor for his sick brothers and sisters. He who is himself strong should carry the weak, otherwise he succumbs to their weaknesses as they have and neither of them can make progress!

58,9. So that you can recognise this as completely fundamental and true, I have given you, in this Zorel, a tangible example from which you can recognise how terribly wrong it is to judge a criminal as is your custom! Indeed, the way you sit in judgement will always remain the way of the world. It will also be difficult ever to crush completely the hard, diamond head of this tyrannical dragon and, for this very reason, this world is a testing ground for My future children. However it should not survive among you chosen people because the heavens shower you with fruits plentifully filled with seed kernels.

58,10. If you are now enjoying the fruits of My enthusiasm, do not forget to distribute any seed kernels which are left over as generously as possible in the hearts of your brothers and sisters, so that they can flourish and bear plenty of healthy new fruit! The way that new fruit is miraculously produced from the seed kernels sown in the heart, has been shown to you by Zorel clearly and in the greatest detail. If you act accordingly, you will create new life from within yourselves and enter the perfection of the everlasting life which has now been shown to you! After this act of laying-on of hands it behoves you to proceed and act accordingly in the most precise way.

58,11. But now the time has come for you, Zinka, to lay your hands on Zorel in the reverse order, so that he can wake up again. As soon as he awakes, you Markus, must give him wine with some added water so that his body can regain its former strength! If he wakes up and starts to talk as he did before, do not become annoyed and do not remind him of anything that he said during his ecstatic trance because this could cause him a problem with his body. Do not laugh at him either, if he comes out with some stupid talk! In good time you can guide him very gently towards Me; but do not be too hasty, otherwise it could do him harm him for quite a long time! To work now, Zinka, since Markus has already returned with the wine and water!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-58 Chapter