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Chapter 59 - Zorel's materialistic faith.

59,1. Zinka now placed his hands on Zorel in reverse order, who opened his eyes and woke up. When Zorel was fully awake, I gave the old innkeeper Markus a sign to give him a little wine, watered down, since he was very thirsty. Markus did this straight away, and a very thirsty Zorel emptied quite a sizeable mug at the first draught. He then asked for another full mug as he was still thirsty. Markus asked Me if he should do so. I answered in the affirmative and only added that he should give him more water than wine the second time. Markus did that and Zorel duly felt better. After he had recovered his strength, he looked around and scrutinized his surroundings, which he could still pick out quite well, despite the fact that the sun was already approaching the horizon.

59,2. After a while he (Zorel) said, his eyes looking unwaveringly at Me: “Zinka, this person there looks very familiar! I must have seen him somewhere before! Who is he and what is his name? The longer I look at him, the more I am convinced that I must have seen him somewhere! Zinka, I feel very close to you – please therefore trust me and tell me who this man is!”

59,3. Zinka says: “This Man is the son of a carpenter from Nazareth, which lies above Capernaum, - but not from the spot with the same name which is located behind the mountains and is inhabited mainly by dirty Greeks. His character is this, that He is a Saviour and exceedingly skilful in this occupation because whoever He may be helping certainly improves. His name is suitable to his character and hence He is called ‘Jesus’, which means He is a Saviour of souls and sick parts of the body at the same time. He has even greater power in His will and in His hands and is also as good as an angel and wise. Now you know the full answer to your question but if you still wish to know something else, please ask. Otherwise the noble lords will undertake something and we would then have little time remaining to discuss many matters in more detail!”

59,4. Zorel says in a subdued voice to Zinka: “I thank you for what you have told me, although I still do not know what has actually happened to me since I am unable to clarify in my own mind why this man looks so familiar to me! It seems to me that at some time in the past I have undertaken a long journey with him! I have travelled far on water and on land, and I was in company, but I cannot remember having seen or talked to this man. Nevertheless, as I said before, it seems to me as if I had a great deal to do with him on a journey! - Explain to me how this could come about!”

59,5. Zinka says: “In the most natural way in the world! Somewhere you must have had quite a vivid dream, which you can now only recall very vaguely, and this will surely be the reason for your present feeling!”

59,6. Zorel says: “You might be right! I quite often dream something which I only remember after a few days, if I have in some way been reminded of it by some similar object around me, Otherwise I lose all recollection and I can not remember any dream, no matter how vivid it was! That must be the answer since I have really never seen this man from Nazareth before!

59,7. But now there is something else, dear friend! Look, I came here in the hope of receiving charity from the noble commander. Do you think he will be able to help me? If there is no hope of charity, could you at least approach him on my behalf, so that I can be allowed to return home. What am I supposed to do here? I care nothing for all this theosophically and philosophically wise junk. My theosophy and philosophy are both very meagre. I believe in that which I can see and that means nature, which has always renewed itself since time began. In addition I believe that eating and drinking are the two most essential features in life. I do not believe lightly in anything else.

59,8. There surely exist some strange things in this world, like all kinds of magic and other skills and sciences. But between them and me, there is the same relationship as between a fire and me - as long as it does not burn me, I do not try to blow it out! I do not feel a need to know or understand more, than I have already and therefore it would be quite stupid of me to prolong my stay just to pick up some quite incomprehensible pearl of wisdom, so that I could show off to some witless friends.

59,9. You see in me a man of nature who dislikes all the wisdom-seeking institutions and laws of mankind, because they excessively interfere with the inborn freedom of man, often in an inappropriately harsh way, only in order that a few can become very rich, powerful and highly respected. As a result millions are of course then condemned to languish in the deepest misery. If I were to understand more than I already do now, I then would be able to see the reasons for even more of this injustice and would feel even less content. As it is, however, my stupidity shelters me from much of the grief, because I do not fundamentally understand the reasons behind all human wickedness.

59,10. Where these evil men attempting to be wise could not themselves invent enough laws to suppress humanity, they employed very inventive thinkers who walked around with their faces distorted in ecstasy and produced all kinds of laws which were fallaciously said to have come from the gods. These laws began anew to torment poor, weak mankind with ridiculous threats of the most awful, everlasting punishments as well as with promises of very generous rewards, but only of course after the death of the body. Then it is easy to reward, since the dead no longer need anything.

59,11. Nevertheless, speaking of punishments, the people did not wait until after death to forestall their fictitious and trifling gods. They immediately punished on this earth the transgressors of the laws of their gods, so that in the beyond there would be no shortage of the threatened punishment. But the devout had to wait for their reward until after death; in this life there are never any free advance instalments, unless one permits oneself to be beaten within an inch of one’s life to please one of the big people! Everything which is and exists in the compass of human society is directly aimed to serve the interests of the individual so that any sober thinker can at once see the reasoning on which the elements of God’s lawfulness and human society are built!

59,12. My friend! If one man alone wishes to live his life as the unrestrained master of all beauty on this earth, then the rest of mankind shall weep, feeble in its will and its power, as will the earth on which they are stand. For the human oppressors, the most heartless tyrants, a suitable retribution in the beyond would be appropriate but who will inflict this on them? In short, there is nothing! Just a simple puppet game without rules.

59,13. Whoever has the ability to make the others, the rest of mankind, serve him, is behaving in a right and proper way since a stupid person is not worth more than a stupid dog! The stronger, more cunning people should kill him, take possession of all his property and from then on should make a life or death attempt to protect it in every conceivable manner against all attacks by strangers! If he is able to do that, he will soon become a great lord will full freedom but if he can not, it is his own fault if he has undertaken something, in which, as a wise man, he should have anticipated that he would not succeed. In a few words, nothing is better for stupid men than to destroy them. For them, if they are no longer there, all laws, all persecution and all inhuman punishments have ended for ever! Not so, if one remains in misery as one hour of real misery can not outweigh twenty thousand years of supreme blissful happiness!

59,14. Look, Zinka my dearest friend, this is my harmless belief, against which nothing can be said on this earth. It is the truth that nobody likes to hear; everyone cradles his being in all kinds of false situations and regards himself as perfectly happy! Go ahead! Everyone can wallow in the mire of the liar’s kingdom and then seek consolation in wild imagination once misery starts to place its iron heel on his neck!

59,15. Use the opium of the lie to dull your senses, you wretches, and sleep for as long as you live under the sweet pressures of insanity. It serves anyone right if it makes him happy. To me it is unfair, since I must feel very unhappy under the eagle’s wings of truth, if I always have to anticipate, sense and even count on that same fatal dive from the sunlit heights which awaits me and others like me! Who will catch me as I fall, if the loose rope which my stupidity has used to attach me to the mighty wing of the eagle, should suddenly break?!

59,16. Good people! Let me consume my catch in peace, since I am doing nothing for you. Give me from your abundant provision just enough to replace my losses through my bad fortune, and you will not find me to be an ungrateful beggar! But if, as is usual, you wish to give me nothing, then at least do not let me go home in a confused state, so that I as a poor faun, can unlawfully, of course, gather sufficient wood to build myself a makeshift hut, at least as well as the beaver builds his dam! One of these options you will surely allow me unless you wish to make me even more wretched than I have already been, which will certainly be the case if you do not. However, if it should be your intention not to help me, then preferably kill me immediately as I certainly do not want to be or become more miserable than I am already! Because if you do not kill me, I know what I have to do! I will know how to kill myself!”

59,17. Finally Zinka speaks again: “Let that be furthest from your mind! You will also not be required to perform an act of such extreme insanity because of your particularly good knowledge and experience, as, when you were asleep, Cyrenius has looked after you in the best way, but only on condition that you will agree that what you believe to be the truth, is in fact the biggest untruth! Do not however concern yourself and learn a better lesson for only then will you really become completely happy!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-59 Chapter