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Chapter 61 - Materialistic errors.

61,1. With those words Zorel, wearing his very wretched rags, leaves Zink and steps closer to Me saying: “Noble lord and master of the art of healing, these clothes which cover my miserable body are nothing but worthless rags but at least they cover the private parts of a person, who is really disappointed only to be a fellow man in the company of these numerous would-be or should-be people! Except for our clothes, we all have the same shape but there is a vast difference between our quality as beings which seems to be as high as the heavens.

61,2. I am a person who understands quite clearly that two and two does not equal seven but four! Zinka tells me that you are a man, who could cause an even brighter light to shine in me than the one I have now, which at least stamped me as a man among my fellow believers However I was never boastful about it and I plan to boast even less in future, if you were to improve the intensity of this light for me. Zinka told me that you are the only one able to do this.

61,3. You have heard my principles which were not plucked at random out of the blue. For me they were unfortunately an only too tangible truth, but if you have something better to give me, then do it! It would then give me pleasure to renounce whole- heartedly all the baggage of my belief in truth! However, I confess I do not know which honourable title I should give you, but I think that you are also a man of truth and that such people are unconcerned what title they are given. I will call you ‘Noble Master’ and honour you as such, although I know your reputation only from hearsay. Should you however be able to satisfy me through your actions, then I will worship you!

61,4. Please tell me how right or wrong I am in the principles which form my conception of the truth! Are we now more or less developed in our humanity than those beings who lived on this earth as the first ones with the gift of reason? As people have invented laws to protect property, which they claim God has given them, am I not permitted, as a poor faun who often has not had a bite to eat for three days at a time and could not get anything by begging either, to take some morsel from another’s overabundance, if only to save me from dying of hunger? Even an earthworm surely has the right to feed itself on the property of others without having to buy it, because it is and unfortunately also must remain an inhabitant of this earth, as Mother Nature in her majesty has ordained? Or should a human being have fewer rights to feed himself with produce from this earth which is agreeable to his nature, only because he could not buy himself a good piece of land – fewer rights than the birds in the sky, every single one of which is certainly a complete and utter thief?! Please answer me carefully on this point.

61,5. I say to him: “My friend, for as long you are content to judge your rights as a human as being on a par with those of animals, you are perfectly correct in your assessment of your basic laws of nature. In no way can I raise any objection and any law to protect property, as well as any other moral law, is the height of absurd ridiculousness! How stupid anyone would be who wished to make laws or any other moral guidance to protect property for the benefit of the birds in the air, the animals on earth and the fish in the sea. Any person with only a modicum of common sense, or perhaps a God, must know that nature is the only law-giver for these beings! Hence your viewpoint is perfectly correct if man is no different to these creatures at the present time and has nothing better to look forward to than any animal which now exists in the natural world.

61,6. But if man exists or should exist for any possible higher purpose, a concept which until now could not have entered your mind, as is only too obvious from the way your wisdom only strives to recognise very basic needs, your mathematical principles may only be standing on very week and unstable feet!

61,7. The fact that every person has been placed on this earth for a higher purpose should already have been clear to you from your knowledge that man as a new born being is greatly inferior to any of the animals and only begins to become a man after several years of diligent care. He must enter some kind of ordered society and must earn his daily bread overcoming all kinds of associated problems and showing suitable endeavour. He therefore developed laws, in order that he could consider them as the first pointers directing him to a higher destination as well as to exclude them from his free will with the object of promoting his own self-development and self-determination, the only way he can finally reach his higher target. This he can never achieve as an animal being, however keenly he may reason, but only as a perfect man among men.

61,8. As long you only concern yourself with the needs of the flesh, you will not make much progress as a person. If, on the other hand, you have recognized that there also resides within you another different person, who has completely different needs than those of your body and also has an entirely different destiny, it will not be difficult for you to recognize how wildly you and your wisdom are flailing about in very loose sand!

61,9. Look, I know about your good will in other matters, your search for the truth and for the causes of all the evil which floods over mankind on this earth! Your thoughts, since you have always had particular pleasure in stealing, have indicated to you that the laws protecting property and rightful ownership are a .Pandora’s box; and because you were in your younger years a hedonistic friend of the female gender, laws concerning morality always embarrassed you, since they remind you and everyone else that immoral intercourse is a sin.

61,10. Yes, as an animal person your principles are also completely right, equally so, your assertion that a pre-emptive law should be passed before all other laws, under which all children should receive an upbringing, which would drill the social order into them to such an extent that during adulthood it would become completely impossible for them ever to transgress any law. This of course would make any additional legislation quite superfluous.

61,11. Yes, look here, this procedure was also made applicable to the animals by the Creator of all worlds and all beings! Every animal has already received its required primary upbringing in his whole nature while still in the womb, and needs no other laws later in life since the primary pre-conditioning in its mother’s body has provided everything that it needs for its whole life! But He, who created all angel spirits, the heavens, the worlds and man, surely knew very well what would be required to create, and later educate, man as a free human being and not just as a disadvantaged animal.

61,12. If you take a closer look at your mathematically correct principles, you will soon see that speech is a great evil in man, as speech is the vehicle by means of which people instruct each other in all kinds of evil and deceit. Similar the lie would never have flourished among men without the ability to converse either by signs or in words. Indeed, even to think is dangerous, because man can use thought to hit upon all kinds of evil and cunning practices! Finally they should also not be able to see or hear clearly, nor to have taste or smell since all these healthy senses might easily make a person greedy and lustful, which could coincidentally be bad! Think of your human being on the basis of your mathematical principles and ask yourself whether you detect any difference between him and a sea polyp, except of course his shape!

61,13. But what will you do with such a person to take into account the higher purpose for which every man is created? What education will you be able to give him? When will this type of being achieve self-knowledge and then be able to recognize the true God, the primordial source of all creation, all enlightenment and all our blessings? Look at the constitution of a healthy person, observe and explore him intimately and precisely with your critical mind, and you will conclude that such a wise and very ingeniously constructed being must in the end also have another goal rather than merely to fill his stomach on a daily basis, just to be able to relieve himself of a large amount of waste as a result!

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-61 Chapter