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Chapter 63 - Zorel's parentage and family relations.

63,1. Zinka comes up from behind, touches him on the shoulder and says: “Now, friend Zorel, will you now accept charity from Cyrenius or not? It seems to me that your life’s maxims, good as they originally sounded even to me, have all just fallen in the stream!”

63,2. After a while Zorel says: “Yes, yes, the Saviour alone is right! I now recognize my lack of sense quite brightly and clearly for what it is, and everything about me is exactly as he has said. But how could he know all this?! Yes, everything is true, and unfortunately all too true! But where should I begin; what should I do?”

63,3. Zinka says: “Nothing except ask for good guidance, listen to it and act accordingly. Leave everything else to those who have your well-being at heart and who can and will help you provided that you do what I have advised you to do!”

63,4. Zorel then immediately falls on his knees before Me and asks me for instructions. I refer him to the apostle John for an answer. Zorel now asks me very respectfully why I do not want to give him any further guidance.

63,5. I reply however: “If the master of a situation has all kinds of servants and attendants around him, is he wrong to delegate work to them which best suits their individual abilities? It is not necessary for him to do everything to complete the task with his own hands. The contribution of his mind will suffice and the work will be completed by the skilful hands of the servants. Therefore just go to the one to whom I have directed you and be also assured that he is the right man! There he is at the corner of the table, wearing a light blue coat to cover his loins.”

63,6. Zorel listens to me, rises and hurries over to John. His first words to John are: “You are the loyal servant of this very wise man over there! Even if you have heard who I am and how I conduct myself, please cure me completely by teaching me the lessons which will make me worthy to be accepted among those who have every right to call themselves true men! If I can become a proper human being, I will no longer beg for charity. I do wish to hear the whole truth from you but only for truth’s sake!”

63,7. John says: “In the name of this Man over there you will be told the truth! But first you must assure me that you will completely change your life in future and make good any damage which you have caused other people against their will; even the merchant in Sparta must be reimbursed his two pounds of gold! In addition you have to renounce your gentile faith completely and become a new Jew, since your grandfather was a Jew from the tribe of Levi. Forty years ago he moved to Sparta to preach the gospel of the only true God to the Greeks and to convert their spirits to the Jewish faith. The outcome was, however, that he himself together with his whole household were converted and became stupid and very blinkered gentiles. You were the same when you came into the world in Sparta. Both your brothers, now living in Athens, even became priests in their pagan religion because of their good skills as speakers and even today they offer their worthless services to Apollo and Minerva. Your only sister is the wife of a merchant who loosely deals in the relics and images of the gods of Ephesus and, as a sideline, also conducts quite a profitable business in all kinds of whores and harlots, sometimes selling them but mainly selling their services to men. This is your brother-in-law, once also a Jew, but now he is as I have just described him.”

63,8. Zorel was completely shocked thatJohn knew everything about him which he himself, for very compelling reasons, would certainly never have mentioned to anyone. He was therefore obliged to think that the one from whom he had just received all this information must have been in Greece and that he knew all about everything that had happened there and that which is still happening right now.

63,9. Zorel therefore questions John a little hastily and says: “Why must all this be repeated in front of all these people? Is it not enough that you and I know the facts?! Why must all those present hear about it?”

63,10. John says: “Be calm, my friend! If I were to do this to harm you in body and soul, I would be a bad person and would be more evil before God than your loose-living brother-in-law in Athens. It is however for your own salvation that I have to reveal you totally as you are before all those present, so that you do not appear to any one ot them as something which you are not! If you want to become perfect, you must discover yourself and no secrets are allowed to lurk within your soul. It is only when all chaos has been expelled that you can start to work towards perfection. You could indeed, quietly and alone, renounce all of your many sins and become a better person. Mankind would respect and honour you for that since man would only know the good about you and nothing of the bad. Many would follow your good example! But if after a while they were to hear from a credible witness what a coarse and flagrant sinner you have secretly been, how questioning would the looks be which they, who had respected you as a pure person and followed your example, would cast in your direction?! All your virtue would be transformed into a sheepskin cloak, under which they would perceive a snarling wolf. They would shun you and, despite all your flawless virtues, avoid your otherwise informative company.

63,11. From this you can see that to be perfect, you must not only avoid the substance, but also the semblance of evil, otherwise it will be difficult to be of true practical value to your neighbour. This must of course be the ultimate aim of every single man, since without this goal no truly happy society is conceivable on this earth!

63,12. How would it serve any community, if every person were to be perfect in himself but kept himself hidden from his neighbour? One would then start to distrust the other, and if a single mosquito were to buzz round the head of a normally relaxed neighbour, he would begin to imagine hosts of flying dragons and elephants! If all of them are familiar with who you are and what you have been before, what you have done and the detail of your past life, and you better yourself and become another person fully understanding your previous evil deeds as well as full of true, vocal disgust for them in front of any audience, then every person will embrace you with the warmest trust and goodwill and love you as one pure brother loves another pure brother. Therefore all must be revealed, before you can effectively adopt a better discipline.

63,13. Many things have indeed already been revealed, but not everything, and since confession is hard for you, I will make it easier for you by recounting on your behalf, in a manner which will accurately convey both the words and their meaning, those parts of your life-story, which are as bright as the sun and most clearly known to me!”

63,14. Zorel asks: “But how is it possible for you to know all these things? Who has revealed them to you? I have never before seen or spoken to you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-63 Chapter