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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-64 Chapter

Chapter 64 - Zorel's past as a slave trader.

64,1. John says: “Do not be concerned. When you have been perfected, then everything will become clear to you; but now back to our subject!

64,2. The worst part of your past is, however, that you secretly became a slave trader, the last time abducting twelve to fourteen year old girls from Asia Minor and selling them to Egypt and Persia. Many girls of noble birth often landed in the hands of evil men and only a few in good hands. You can easily imagine that these girls were soon violated in the most contemptible manner by those who bought them. If their fate had not gone beyond natural intercourse, it would not have added too much weight to the crime but how badly some of them have been abused in Alexandria, in Cairo, in Thebes and in Memphis! And how much they are still being abused! If you could only see one of these poor girls as she is flayed by the rods and whips of her devil of a lord in order to increase the sensuality of his excitement, even your meagre feelings of humanity would bring you to the point of cursing yourself because you have exposed another human being to such indescribable misery through your despicable lust for money!

64,3. How many thousand curses and imprecations of the most gruesome virulence have already been heaped on your head, how many hundred thousand times a hundred thousand tears of awful suffering have already been shed because of the utterly devilish mistreatment! How many of these tender girls have already died in the most horrifying desperation because of the unremitting unbearable pain! Look, all of this you have on your conscience to damn you! This is particularly so because you conducted your secret, most immoral trade on a grand scale, especially two to three years ago, and the number of those whom you have consigned to such extreme misery has multiplied and already exceeds a count of some eight thousand individuals! Question:- How will you ever be able to make this good? What have these girls ever done to you, that you should condemn them to such misfortune? Speak now and hold yourself accountable!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-64 Chapter