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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-66 Chapter

Chapter 66 - Zorel's defilement of girls.

66,1. John says: “If you measure the true wisdom of God with the yardstick of a mind which is partly awake, then you are right not to be afraid of any wisdom. As, however, the true wisdom of God is never measured with the short yardstick of the mind, but, like everything else which stems from God, in terms of eternity and infinity, your mind alone will surely be somewhat too short! But let us leave it at that and return to the point from which we started.

66,2. You told me from your expert knowledge, how badly the Zagani fare in Asia Minor, how wretched they are and what a benefit it would be and sometimes is, for their children to be bought by slave traders and sold on somewhere else. Leave it at that. You plead some sort of goodwill on your part and one tenth of it I grant you! However, from the depths of your conscience I have dredged a strange fact which nearly cancels the credit from that one tenth completely, so that in the end nothing but pure evil can be ascribed to you! I doubt whether your mind can claim any right to offset it.

66,3. Tell me, speaking only for yourself, how you justify the repeated acts of defilement of young girls which you carried out! Are you able to find any sound reason, ignoring for now the divine law given to Moses, why the laws of the Roman state should not be enforced, laws which campaign against the violation of immature girls and offer severe punishment if breached?! Did the immense fear and screams of pain of a young girl confronted with your unbridled lust, never move you?! Is it not true that some time before, five otherwise healthy girls died in the most deplorable manner known to this world, because they were pitilessly violated by you?! Your companion even pointed out to you the resultant monetary loss which those deaths caused you in that the five well developed ten to twelve year old girls could easily have been sold for five hundred pounds of silver in Cairo. Indeed, this significant financial loss pained you and as a result you frequently cursed your strong sexual appetite. However you have never cursed yourself as the senseless murderer of five charming young girls!

66,4. Now take these facts all together and tell me how you feel as a man among men and also whether the yardstick of your mind is able to find excuses for you! You can not absolve yourself of blame by using the reason that you were an uncultivated, rough man of nature, who could hardly distinguish between bad and good; particularly as you had previously carefully described to me how regrettably wretched Zagani life is, and how such neglect of a whole nation could not reflect credit on God the Lord and His love and wisdom! Yes, you even asked me to tell you the divine reasoning behind such wisdom and why God allows all the members of a populous nation to live such very miserable lives! You therefore have quite a respectable sense of justice and are perfectly able to distinguish good from evil. How could you therefore handle those girls so inhumanely? Indeed, you tended them afterwards using your own deficient medical knowledge but you harmed them even more in so doing than by your earlier lecherous activities! - Speak now, and justify yourself before God and the people!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-66 Chapter