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Chapter 67 - Cyrenius' indignation about Zorel's crimes.

67,1. At this point our Zorel is completely beaten and can not think of any excuse which would save his honour. He seriously starts thinking what he might dredge from the dark recesses of his mind to justify himself; but everywhere he finds himself trapped without even the smallest gap through which he might escape.

67,2. John urges him to speak and to make use of his “taut bow” but Zorel still does not wish to open his mouth.

67,3. Cyrenius is however somewhat astonished by Zorel’s wickedness and asks Me: “Lord, what is to be done in this case? In all these circumstances this person is under threat from the courts! Our laws regarding the slave trade allow slaves, including their children if they have any, to be sold to anyone else, while the children of free men, especially of the female sex, are not allowed to be brought to the market place before they reach the full age of fourteen, on pain of severe punishment. This is a crime!

67,4. Furthermore, everyone who wishes to trade in slaves must have his own, properly certified licence and in exchange for this permit he must provide the state with substantial security as well as pay a separate sizeable annual tax. In the case of him and his companion, there is not the slightest evidence of compliance and they must therefore have traded unlawfully. This is again a punishable breach of the laws currently in force and, under these aggravating circumstances, it carries a ten year prison sentence in a dungeon as punishment.

67,5. To this must be added the five cases of totally unconscionable defilement leading to major injury and death! This is again a criminal act carrying, under aggravating circumstances, a sentence of at least fifteen years hard labour or even death!

67,6. Add to all this, a history of all kinds of theft, fraudulent behaviour and compulsive lying!

67,7. Lord, You are aware of my duties of state and my oath on everything which is holy and dear to me! What should I do? With Mathael and his four companions their fanatical zeal offered them a degree of protection against my strict duty as a supreme judge; but here nothing protects Zorel from my duty as a judge. He is a complete scoundrel! Am I not then obliged to perform the duties of my office in a strict way?”

67,8. I say to him: “Please understand that as I am by chance the supreme Lord present and your oath is fundamentally only owed to Me, I am able to release you from it how and when I will. In the same way, only I can determine the order of events to achieve the healing of a sick soul! Besides, you have sworn your oath to gods who will never amount to anything. Since the guardians of your oath are so nebulous, your oath itself does not carry much weight. Therefore your gods and your oath are both null and void. The only value of your oath is that I regard it as a sign of loyalty. However as I regard your oath as worthless it does not have the slightest validity before Me and at least for now you are fully relieved of any obligation under it.

67,9. I am telling you that the investigation of this person is not yet at an end and something more will be revealed which will grip you even more!

67,10. This is indeed a strange person, and you should have begun to know him better by now, because he has already revealed himself quite considerably during his trance, although somewhat more in general terms than he has done now, especially during his first penitent stage. The current open revelations are of course more specific to deeds, because they must apply to deeds. However, it must not appear to you to be improper that I should allow this to take place in order to unmask for you a totally sick soul in all its complexity and finally reveal also the medicine using which it can possibly be healed. I have previously told you how impractical and stupid it is, to punish someone who is sick in body with sticks and prison just because he became ill. How much more inappropriate and stupid would it be to punish a man physically and morally by inflicting mortal wounds because his soul is sick! - Tell Me, My friend Cyrenius, have you in your eagerness already completely forgotten My teaching in this matter?”

67,11. Cyrenius says: “No, My Lord and most noble Master of eternity; but You know that it is an old habit of mine wherever a real villain as thick as my arm appears before me, that a little storm brews up within me! However You can see how quickly I accept criticism and recognize my former stupidity. I am already looking forward to the further examination, which John seems to handle very well! For this work you need the wisdom of John and his penetrating insight, guided of course by Your spirit. The nicest feature is that Zorel basically does not notice that something miraculous is taking place, but it should nevertheless strike him that the wise John can recount his very brutal mortal sins in such detail, revealing all the countries where he has committed them as if he had been everywhere to see and hear the events with his own eyes and ears!”

67,12. I Says: “Just listen very carefully as John is about to approach him again!”

67,13. Cyrenius is now full of attention again but I instruct all the women and maidens present to withdraw to the tents in the meantime, as it is preferable that only mature men should listen to the further investigation of Zorel All the women, including Jarah and the recently revived daughters of Cyrenius, Gamiela and Ida, went to the tents.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-67 Chapter