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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-68 Chapter

Chapter 68 - Zorel's excuses.

68,1. The curiosity of the women was quite intense but My words nevertheless proved to prevail and they all went into Ouran’s tents to stay there until asked to return to us.

68,2. After the women had been looked after in this manner, John said to Zorel: “Now, how about firing your taut bow? It seems to me that you have shot all your sharp arrows into the blue yonder without having hit anything. Despite this you earlier wanted to take up arms against the infinite wisdom of God! I am telling you that you should speak now if you still have something to say!”

68,3. Finally Zorel says: “What should I say? The gods alone know from where it came, but you are already aware of everything I have done from the cradle onwards. Why should I tell you anything further? I could still go on speaking but with what purpose should I continue to justify my actions? The way I was and for the most part still am, determined my actions because I could not behave in a way conflicting with my nature! Can lions and tigers help it that they are wild, voracious beasts? That is their nature, and deep down they can not be at fault, because they are what they are! If they are evil, then the blame can only lie with He who was their Creator and Maker

68,4. Why are there thousands of people who are more devout than lambs, and why am I not one of them?! Was I perhaps my own creator, my own maker?! If I really wanted to be thoroughly bad, I could deny everything you have told me from your own knowledge because the wisdom of one individual never counts as evidence in the forum of a worldly court as long as it is not fully confirmed by statements from other witnesses. However, I acknowledge your wisdom and believe that I see in you a person, who does not wish to harm me, only to be helpful. I therefore confess to the truth of everything you have said about me. However if I do not in any way deny the truth, I am surely still allowed to justify myself!

68,5. You have in any event the prerogative to proclaim loudly anything I have ever done according to my natural inclinations because you can do no more than kill me for it. I can look courageously look into the hollow, dark eyes of Death without fear! You can see from that comment that I am not like a rabbit. If you know of any other murderous events in my life, get them off your chest because nothing in this world will have the power to embarrass me for a long time to come!

68,6. Incidentally, regarding the five maidens, you are piling on too much guilt, if you accuse me of only feeling sorry for them because I lost a sizeable profit through their deaths, which were in fact not so much caused by my deflowering them gently, but rather by the recurrence of a virulent strain of leprosy. I could even bring you a few credible witnesses who heard me imploringly begging Zeus to save the maidens, at the same time making an oath to the gods to care for the five maidens for ever, if they could be cured and kept alive. When after thirty days all of them had died despite all my care, I became disconsolate and once more took an oath not to touch girls any more and to stop slave trading. This I have done until this day. I therefore moved to this place buying myself a piece of property, but in the fire I lost everything I had ever acquired. Speak now and tell me whether I have told any untruths this time around!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-68 Chapter