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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-70 Chapter

Chapter 70 - Zorel's defense of his character traits.

70,1. (Zorel:) “From my birth onwards I had a fiery temperament. Instead of damping this down through a gentle and sensible upbringing and by developing my mind, I received corrective punishment of every conceivable kind. My parents were always my biggest tormentors! If they had combined understanding with good will, they could have made me an angel among Jews but after the thousand punishments I became a tiger! Who should shoulder the blame for the fact that I became a tiger? Firstly, before I was conceived and born, I was not able to choose parents with greater wisdom, and secondly, after my birth, I was not a Plato or a Phrygius by a long way and no trace of being a Socrates! Nor could I attend to my own upbringing! What then should have happened for me to have become a better person and not a tiger?

70,2. I regard you as too wise to find a sensible answer to this question yourself. Among you Jews there have always been people possessed by evil spirits and I have seen one of them just a few weeks ago at the Gadarenes who was one of the better kind. One would even be your Jewish devil, who inflicts his dreadful presence on man during the darkest nights! The day devil was however worth his reward since whole crowds of people could get nowhere with him. He carried out deeds that gave all of mankind the shivers and wrinkled their skin with fear. If it were possible for one possessed in this way to be healed, tell me what ox of a human judge could be so blindly and gloomily stupid as to chronicle to that man after his cure all the unspeakable atrocities he committed when he was possessed of a devil, then requiring from him tearful remorse and self-improvement?! Could that person do anything to prevent himself committing such atrocities when he was possessed by demons?!

70,3. Tell me, my very wise friend: A heavy rock falls down from a great height and kills twenty people who were coincidentally standing underneath it. Why had this to happen? Who is to blame for this calamity? – Add to this the most unimaginable premise that a mighty magician has appeared and transformed the rock into a human being with all his insight and intelligence in place, in the manner of Deukalion and Pyrrah. As the new man is standing there, a wise and merciful judge comes along and says to this new person: ‘Look at that, you villain! This is your evil work! Why did you fall as a rock onto these twenty people with such force? Justify yourself or you can expect to receive the most severe punishment for this crime!’ What would the new man say to the stupid judge? Nothing else but: ‘When I was a heavy and absolutely inanimate boulder high in the air, how could I firstly prevent myself being separated from my peers by some strange force? Secondly for that matter, why was I so incredibly heavy, and thirdly have I called out in advance to these crushed victims to sit here until I fell down and killed them all?!

70,4. You will hopefully concede that this is an extremely unreasonable accusation directed at this new man by a super-clever judge. Perhaps you will also see however that I, who became a new man hewn from a raw block, can not be held responsible for all my past evil, no more than the new rock-man I have just depicted! If you do not want to be thought insensitive, then judge me according to the tenets of pure common sense and not at a whim of your wise mind! Be a man just as I am also only a man!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-70 Chapter