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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-71 Chapter

Chapter 71 - Cyrenius' amazement about Zorel's astuteness.

71,1. John begins to ponder these words from Zorel and finds that they are not illogical. He quietly turns and asks Me, but only in his heart, what more he should do with this man as Zorel appears to be starting to have an advantage over him.

71,2. I then say to John: “Give him some time; I will then put into your heart and onto your tongue what you should say to him, just as I have done so far!” John complies.

71,3. Cyrenius, who has listened with great attention to the Zorel’s case, said to Me: “Lord, I must openly confess to you, that this is quite a strange human being! It now looks as though he has even given Your wise disciple John cause to reflect. In a word, I for example would be completely at my wits’ end and, as a judge, I would have to declare him innocent!

71,4. However, it is incomprehensible to me, how this prince of scoundrels has acquired such striking acumen! The fact that some people such as a chief like Stahar or even a Zinka, could have spoken pointedly and understandably to their own advantage before they knew You well, can not be disputed because they are all educated people with profound experience in many other ways. This man was surely always a first class rogue, but nonetheless has this enormously sharp mind! I have never come across anything like it in my whole life! Just tell me, Lord, how this man came to possess it!”

71,5. I say: “He has never been empty-headed; the Greeks have always been the best advocates in Rome! They know how inconsiderately incisive Roman law is and they therefore study it very carefully, so that, if a judge calls them to account for any kind of transgression, they have always prepared the most appropriate reply. Men like these, who have undertaken the task of deceiving the state in the most serious way, have usually gained extremely intimate knowledge of the respective rights of the state and of the people. They have also studied the writings of various worldly wise men in an extremely intense way. This Zorel also belongs in this category.

71,6. Before the trance, he would not have spoken with such determined and acute understanding. However, some sort of residual whiff from his spirit has lingered in his soul and this is why he is so sharply critical. But this sharpness would soon be lost, if he were again to return to his old way of life. With this kind of treatment he will however become even more aware and I deliberately allow this to happen so that My disciples will have a, for them, very salutary opportunity to sample a little more of the most extreme sharpness of the worldly human mind. Although they are very humble beings and already possess very understanding hearts, now and then a notion occurs to these disciples that they are better than others. For that malady these minds are an excellent antidote.

71,7. John had already acknowledged to Me the shortcomings of his knowledge, and the other disciples are now constantly thinking what it might be. However, I am still allowing them the opportunity to think for a while, so that they can find themselves more easily. When they have understood themselves more profoundly, I will help them again to progress a little further. However he will still give each one a flea in the ear and they will all begin to scratch themselves again! They will then however be able to take a step forward - but now I will loosen John’s tongue again and he will start to speak. Please therefore just pay very close attention to him!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-71 Chapter